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  1. Hi all,

    I am new to this site and new to nursing - hopefully! I am applying to the LPN program at GL Tech evening division. Is anyone else here going or has gone to that program? I am taking the NET in June (the last test date) and I just ordered study materials. I have to pass it because it is the last time they offer it!!! I am 40yrs old and completely changing my career so I am hoping I am not the oldest in the program if I get in. So send out a hello if you are going to the program at Lowell Tech.

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  3. by   tnbutterfly
    Hello Susan and welcome to allnurses.

    Hopefully others will come along with some encouraging information. You might also want to check out the student forums.
  4. by   Silverdragon102
    Hi Susan and welcome to the site

    Hopefully more will join in but in the meantime as mentioned please check out the student section as I am sure it will help
  5. by   prisicruz
    I applied to Greater Lowell and just found out I passed the NET!!! So I have to schedule an interview now and (fingers crossed) hopefully I'll get in.
    But I applied to the day program and I'm 23 years old...however, when I took the NET there were people there of ALLLLLL ages, so I'm absolutely sure that you wont be the oldest person in the program at all.
    Good luck with the test and let me know if you get accepted!!!
  6. by   sawyer1200
    CONGRATS prisi on passing the NET!!!! I am sure you will do fine on the interview and get accepted into the program. Do you know anything about the program and/or faculty? I was curious regarding the clinicals and how the classes are. I'll let you know when I get my NET results.
  7. by   Jmarie24
    hi prisi! Congratulations on passing the NET! I am applying for day program and taking the NET on June 2nd (last test date) same as susan- if you don't mind in addtl to susans questions would you mind posting as much detail as you can about the NET at GL Tech? how many people do you think were there taking the test? I cannot even tell you how both myself and I know Susan and others would appreciate it.. also where is the test being held? I got a letter stating they received my application and the date of test and time but not where and I know that school is huge! Are there people to help? signs? will get there early but dont want to wander with my nerves ill have! thanks in advance and im sorry about all the questions! I am sleep deprived!
  8. by   prisicruz
    The test is held at Greater Lowell. Once you get there they have you sign in and then you follow the signs which are literally posted everywhere. They say "LPN Test" and they lead you directly to the testing room.
    I wanna say there were like forty people there the day I took the test; maybe even more! But the director really stressed the fact that passing the test does not mean you're accepted. So I think that's why they allow so many applicants to take the test.
    And I do advise you show up at leat 15-20 minutes early because they won't let you in and you'll have to re-schedule and pay again. They did turn back about three people when I was there for being late! And I think that's a shame, so be as early as possible.
    Feel free to ask anything else!
  9. by   Jmarie24
    Thank you VERY much Prisi! I do have a couple of questions..of course!!

    Is there any geometry on the test?
    And the English section is it all passages or is there other stuff for that section like correct word, grammar, vocab?
    And for the math section do you know what type of problems were on there?
    And I know it doesn't count but is there a Science section?

    OK that is all I can think of for now..6 more days.....
  10. by   sawyer1200
    Prisi - Thanks for the info!!! I plan on getting there very early - even if I have to sit in the parking lot for a while!!!

    JMarie - Do you have the NET study guide? I think the info that is in there is what is on the test. As far as I know (have read) there in NO geometry or science. Just reading comprehension & math - adding, subtracting, decimals, fractions & percents. Some equations (which I still cant figure out). I took the preactice tests for reading and scored 80 & 75 (you need 65 to pass). And in the first math practice test I got 7 wrong out of 60. I am still reading and going over the book again but I am going away over the weekend so I am paranoid I will forget everything!!!
  11. by   sawyer1200
    I emailed them at GL Tech and she said that we check in at security and then follow the signs to the testing room on the third floor. Keep studying!!!
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  12. by   Jmarie24
    Susan thank you so much! Ya I hear ya about getting there very early I will be the other car in the parking lot with you! HA! It is too late to order that book so I am going to check to see if my bookstore carries a copy.... Im a little am studying as we speak...working a lot between now and then and that makes it more nervewracking! Sounds like your studying is going well keep it up!!!!!
  13. by   prisicruz
    The math section is mostly addition, subtraction, fractions and percentages, multiplication and division. There wasn't any geometry or any other kind of math. Just basic algebra.
    The reading section was all passages and then some questions about the passage to follow. There weren't any grammar corrections to be made or anything like that. And the passages were all about science and history, so I think that's how they integrate the science part because there wasn't an actual science test. Just math and reading.
    Susan - I got pretty much the same scores as you on the practice tests so I didn't worry too much about the math. And I did ok on the actual math part of the test so you should do fine.
    I got to the school about a half hour early so I sat in my car and skimmed through my book before going in. The night before I highlighted all the sections that I felt least comfortable with and I reviewed them quickly in the parking lot before the test which really helped out alot! So there's a little trick for you!
  14. by   Jmarie24
    I feel so much better! Thank you and of course my last question!!! Is it on paper or on a computer? I am hoping it is on paper!!! Thank you again!!! 5 days...... eeks!