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Hi all, I am new to this site and new to nursing - hopefully! I am applying to the LPN program at GL Tech evening division. Is anyone else here going or has gone to that program? I am taking the... Read More

  1. by   Erindel RN
    Good luck girls with the test.... I used to live in lowell and I had friends who went to the lpn program there. I here it is a fast paced program, but it is very good too. I am new to this website and just trying to make friends as well. I am a nurse to be as well. I applied to middlesex community college in lowell for the 2 year rn program
  2. by   Jmarie24
    Thanks Erindel! Welcome to Allnurses! This website is amazing and provides a lot of support!! Good luck to you in your schooling!!!!!
  3. by   Erindel RN
    thanks jmarie24 for ur response.....
  4. by   prisicruz
    the NET is on paper. They have an answer sheet and a test booklet; it's very much like a high school test if you remember taking tests in high school then that's really what it's like. And they provide all materials for you. ie, two pencils and some scrap paper.
    Expect to be there until about noon or so. I was done earlier than that and so were a few others.
    good luck!!!!
  5. by   Jmarie24
    my test starts at 4pm of course ill be there at like 315 or sometihng just to be sure i get there in time! so if you are done you still have to sit there or can u leave? no biggie jus curious! but YAY! its on paper I am sooooo thrilled about that! Thanks again for your responses!
  6. by   kekecruiser
    Hi, I am soon to be 40 and starting the LPN program at the GLVTHS in September. I will be attending the evening program. I am a bit nervous because I have heard that the program is so intense and I have been out of school for so long, but I am sure that it will all come back to me.

    When you finish with they essay portion of the test you are able to leave.

    Good luck and I look forward to meeting you all at the orientation (I think that is what it is called) in July!
  7. by   Jmarie24
    I hope I do meet you in July coz that will mean I got accepted! Tomorrow is the test eeks! Have to pass that then the interview and then wait....the waiting might make me go crazy! LoL...

    Susan perhaps I may see you tomorrow if not then good luck to you!!!
  8. by   sawyer1200
    Prisi - Thanks for all of the info!!! I am glad the test is on paper rather than the computer.

    JMaire - Good Luck to you too!!! I am going to do a drive by tonite just to make sure I know where I am going (I know I am too paranoid but I dont want to take any chances). I am tring to just stay calm - I havent studied at all this weekend because I was away so I am freaking a bit.

    KeKe - Glad there is another 40ish person attending the evening program (I just turned 41 Saturday). I hope I get to see you at orientation because that means I will have been accepted!!! Did you have any previous health care experience? I am just trying to figure out how to "WOW" them if I pass the NET and get the interview since I have no prior experience. I guess I can just be honest about how passionate I am to attend LPN school.
  9. by   Jmarie24
    Susan! i LOVE it! i dont blame you about doing a dry run! I am like that too..fortunately my mother lives aorund there and have driven by it a few times..its massive and hope i find the entrance!! HA! I am leavin abnormally ealry for that reason want to find the room ..once I am where i am supposed to be and accounted for i can relax..a little bit... It is 11:21pm and I hope I can sleep .... i too have not been able to study as I would have wanted due to work obligations....and honestly WHEN you go for your agree jus show your passion on becoming a nurse..I think they are just weeding out people coz there is only so many slots... So if you pass the NET but have no social skills then too bad for you..or if you show up looking homely....ya know? hhahaa im totally guessing but that is what is making me feel better about it but of course step 1..pass the dang NET!!! I bought nursing shoes the other day ..they are staring at me so I better pass now! OK well tmrw......oooh boy....i just hope I can focus on the english part.... ok i should rest up....ill study a bit in the morning...and then just TRY to relax and pray I pass.....ok GOOD LUCK!!!!!
  10. by   sawyer1200
    JMarie - OMG what did you think? I was surprised how easy the math was but the reading....that was hard! Did you think that some of the answers had more than one correct one? When the proctor said 5 min left - I had 6 blank answers, so I hurried to finish them. What did you think of the essay? I didnt care for that topic at all and mine wasnt all that long either. Where were you sitting in the room? I was up front - maybe 3rd row from the front all the way on the last seat on the left side.

    During the break I overheard some people talking and one woman was taking it for the second time and another must not have studied at all because she didnt know there would be percentage problems on the math portion.

    Now we must sit and wait 3-4 weeks!!! I think I am gonna go a bit nuts!!! Let me know what you thought.
  11. by   prisicruz
    How did you ladies do on your test?? I'm glad you thought the math was pretty easy. It was the other way around for me! I hate math!! LOL
    You should get your results back in exactly three weeks.
    I have my interview this Friday and I'm super nervous about it!!I usually interview just fine and I'm always pretty collected but I'm seriously stressing over this one little interview that may determine the next year of my life!!
  12. by   Jmarie24
    HEY!!!! There were a lot of people figure that many people attended each testing session..and there i believe only 40 slots open?? So the math for me I had a bit of a mind freeze but agree was not bad. The English oh man...The subject content was MUCH easier than I thought it would be but I agree I had to go back in each passage to try to find the answer. The essay I think I did ok...I wish I was able to write in pencil had about 7 crossouts due to grammatical errors or me just zoning out... I honestly do not know how I did...65 is passing right or is it 75???
    4 weeks..ughhhh....

    Ok so too funny um do you have a coach bag with pink trim on top? I think I was right next to you!! I was wearing bright blue sweater shirt! HAHAHA I was looking around and honestly didn't say anything coz you look young!! LoL

    I do not know what to do with myself now..I spent last night thinking about test....4
  13. by   Jmarie24
    Prisi! Oh Good luck on interview!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...There must have been 50 people at me and susans session...Im just thinking step 1 pass the NET ..but I cant help but think is there a spot for me anyways?? Will I have a high enough score? I went to school for dental assisting but that was 7-8 years ago! And that is all my professional medical experience I hold. Personally I have taken care of people my whole life...sick family members that had cancer and whatnot...Soooo I dont know..only time will 3 weeks huh? 3 is better than 4 but still too far away!!! I just hate it because I feel like I did OK but know there is a good chance I did not make the grade per say and seeing that long expected letter saying I failed will be awful....

    ok Im laughing about over thinking it huh?

    I am a very impatient person can ya tell? My mind creates mountains out of anthills as I wait!