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Hi all, I am new to this site and new to nursing - hopefully! I am applying to the LPN program at GL Tech evening division. Is anyone else here going or has gone to that program? I am taking the... Read More

  1. by   allweh0pefor
    I am 21 and I'm in the Evenings Program. We've had 4 exams already, we have another 4 this week. So far, the program is in full swing and I'm doing very well. I thank God everyday seriously. I do a lot of studying as well. Quite a bit of reading to keep up with. But I always make sure to give myself my own time to do the things I enjoy, which I think is so important and so far it's been working.

    Good luck to everyone!
  2. by   Ladicapricorn841
    wow those last few posts of everyone's experiences with trying to get into the pn program was so inspiring!! i have been trying to find a program for awhile since i've been in ma. i was living in ct before and moved to ma back in may. i had been trying to apply for programs before i moved to ma but everything was either filled, or just too far. i am definitely gonna be applying for the 2010 semester. i start cna classes in october at the red cross. i hope you all are doing great in your classes and would love to get some feed back on what it is you guys are doing now!! you have all been sooooooooooooooo incredibly helpful and realistic in your posts. i know i'm not alone in this struggle to better myself! :d
  3. by   Jmarie24
    I ammm sooooooooooooooOOOooo tired.....i dont even know....omg and its only gonna get worse....its coz of my job..if i didnt have to ork omg! life would be amazing......i have no choice but i just want to SLEEEPPPP!!!!!!! its constant work school study....sork school study...always on the road...soo bad i havent even had to time to get my inpection sticker or register my car....when can i? I go to work for 9am leave at 3 go right to school for 4 il 1030..get home at 1115...make lunch throw in a load ( i have a mountain of clean clothes) house is a disaster....its sooo awful and makes me feel awful and scattered even more....and my job is all about numbers..not a job i can just do what i have to and go home ..oh no...38 metrics i need to constantly fulfill or else....if i didnt have a house i would quit or get an easier choices....i cant complain i got in...that is a is hard..i knew it would be but ughhhhh..hahahahah ok i just vented waaayyyy too much...i cant believe i have time to type this....i want my pillow....
  4. by   Ladicapricorn841
    Ohh man sounds intense!! Well just keep telling yourself that it will all be worth it in the end! Nothing worth having comes easy. Thanks for sharing and venting lol I hope to be in the program soon we will see im praying! You will be aight!
  5. by   sawyer12
    Hey JMarie......I have been wondering about how you and keke and everyone else was doing. What do you do for work? Maybe you could take 1 day a week off of work to clean/decompress/run errends? The program sounds intense. How are the actual clinicals & classes? Do you find the info hard or is it just that there is so much in a short period of time? When you get a chance can you post what the typical day is like - like breaks etc?

    I have started my CNA class....good so far....tonite we actually start the skills portion working with the dummies....but a lot of info in a short period of time. We have an exam every nite on the previous nites class. Plus I am taking a class on Saturdays so I am quite busy with working too.....I guess it will prepare me for when I go to LPN school!!

    Good luck and breathe!!!!!
  6. by   gltech2010
    Hi guys heard you lost a person. So sorry. We are all hanging in there. The grades are dropping a little as we move into adding more classes. Clinical is awesome- I know you guys really haven't started yet, but very exciting and makes it all worth it. '
  7. by   Ladicapricorn841
    Ohh man it sounds intense but exciting all at once!! I really hope I can get in for next!
  8. by   Jmarie24
    susan when i get mnore than 30sec id b happy to post a typical day reular class and clinical....well today 1st day of clinical no patients yet but tmrw we do...very very nervous...but we shall see how it goes....gotta go to work...thankg do we got out early today i left work pants at home so 1 hour home and back down that way til 10pm! booooo owell ok im scattered ill post as soon as i can!!!
  9. by   Ladicapricorn841
    yessss the practical nurse brochure and application is available for 2010!!! finally i just sent in my application today! im soooo excited/nervous to finally start the admission process:d is anyone else applying for this year??
  10. by   Sunchaser71
    Hi everyone !!! What a great site...I just found it today and have enjoyed reading through all the posts. I'm excited to join in on the fun. I am 38 years old (wife & mother of 3) and have set my sites on nursing school for 2010 @ GLVTS (god willing). I know at my age...going back to school is a big step...but after reading some of the posts and realizing I am not alone...I am now even more excited to start this journey. I got my application printed & ready to be filled out. How many students per year are accepted??????? Any useful & helpful info is greatly appreciated. Nice to be here

  11. by   Ladicapricorn841
    Hello Kim! I'm glad to see someone else starting the process early too! I believe its 80 students total, 40 for the day session and 40 for the night session.
  12. by   Sunchaser71
    Thanks for the info....I just found out the numbers as I read back.....ughhhhh nothing like adding more stress...haha....that certainly is not alot of students considering all the applicants. At my age I dont feel like time is on my side so to get accepted for 2010 would be a dream. I have a son who will be a graduating Senior from the Lowell Vocational next would definately be cool if we could graduate around the same time!!!!! ~ I'm READY to take this on!!!!!!!!!
  13. by   HDfatboy
    Hi Kim,
    Good for you, and good luck ! You can do it, just put your mind to it and you you will be fine!
    You will also NEED your families support! It is going to be a tough road. You basically have to realize that you will have no life for 10 months ! Your life will be at the voke and studying! I'm not trying to scare you, that's just how it is. I was in that program 8 years ago and had to drop out for personal reasons.
    I'm 45 now and going back. I'm trying to get into Mount Wachusetts program. It's a little different, they want you to take some classes before you start like Human Biology and two Psy classes, which I have completed over the summer. I'm just waiting to receive the letter and hopefully will be starting in Jan.
    Good Luck!
    Did you take the test already for the Voke?