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Hi all, I am new to this site and new to nursing - hopefully! I am applying to the LPN program at GL Tech evening division. Is anyone else here going or has gone to that program? I am taking the... Read More

  1. by   Jmarie24
    hi allwehopefor!
    I got all my books afraid of the microbiology one i am not going to lie!!!
    Cheap 1 day course in Southern NH- American red Cross in Nashua- dont remember price though... It is the day after the orientation so that is what the 26th? Ill have to go through my paperwork that I got..

    I got my bootcamp form late so I called an left a message I hope I can hand deliver the form to the school tomorrow after I get out of work...
  2. by   sawyer12
    Prisi - Thanks for the info....he never emailled me back so your reply helps me out tons.....I don't have anyone in "real life" to run all these scenerios by cause they just get confused with my LPN, CNA, A&P etc so this site and you being so helpful mean a lot!!!! I'm gonna go for Nutrition at a Community College and take an online A&P and then sign up for a CNA class.
  3. by   kekecruiser

    I am on vacation this week so I won't be going to boot camp until next week, let me know how it goes.
  4. by   allweh0pefor
    Who will I be meeting at Bootcamp tomorrow so we can meet face to face? :-)
  5. by   kekecruiser
    How was boot camp?
  6. by   allweh0pefor
    Just a reitteration that you will not have a life and that this is going to be the most difficult part of your life. After last night though, I will definitely be attending the remaining 3 sessions b/c it's a lot of good needed survival information.
  7. by   Jmarie24
    went last night cant make tonight but will be attending last 2 sessions... The teacher seemed soo nice and has an awesome personality!! i cant believe we are going to have like 5-6 teachers!!! For some reason I thought we would have like 1 or 2 I have no clue why!! Anyways please post allwehopefor about what happened tonight and if me and keke should know anything for next week. I know Tuesday is when the past students will be there but if we need to know anything else or need to bring anything! Allwehopefor..where were you sitting? I was in 1st row near window! Wonder how many people will show up tonight...
  8. by   allweh0pefor
    Jmarie24- Last night was fun and again interesting. We wrote our names on pieces of paper and placed them in a hat and students chose one and called out the names for prizes. I won Med/Surg pocket notes(pretty neat!). We went over how important flashcards are(again) and then she handed out a papers with 24 hours in order to highlight the times for school/work/sleep/studying to see how our lives will be for 10 months and how we basically won't have any life. But I refuse to go without seeing my significant other, which will be the only thing I will keep up with.

    She reitterated that we should have a monthly calender planner, flashcards, #2 pencils, and a 3-ring binders(b/c the instructors give a lot of hole punched handouts. One student said that she knew a girl last year that who had just one binder then just bought tabs for each class and filed them in the appropriate place then once she was tested on that information she removed it and filed it in one of the billfolds. I think that is what I will do to keep to my budget and how many binders I will have.

    The teacher told us that the flashcards should never be used as notes they should only be for terms and things like "what are the 11 major organ systems?" and on the back it should list the 11. Again, she stressed how crucial it is to have study groups. I'm a little concerned for myself in the sense of study groups, I have absolutely no problem getting along with others or participating when I feel comfortable with those people, but I live in New Hampshire and I think I am the only one in the evenings class so far that is from here. I live in Milford which is a 25 min drive from Tyngsboro so it isn't far whatsoever from there but everyone that I've met so far is from Saugus, Haverill, etc etc.

    Also index cards for your flashcards are apparently on sale at Walmart, 350 for $1.50 or something like that. One of the students let the class know. So buy more than one pack! You'll need them!

    The teacher and the post grad that came in the first night also stressed how as a class we all need to band together as a whole, b/c we all know nursing isn't just about 1 it's a team, in order to make it through these 10 months. They said to not let a fellow peer fall behind b/c we all need to graduate together. And it's true, I would never want to see another fellow classmate need to drop out b/c they don't understand something or b/c they're grades are low. So moral of their story is stick together no matter what! Make sure we're all moving in one step altogether.

    I was sitting in the middle seating arrangement, second to last row from the back, second seat to the right closest to the sink. I have extrememly light platinum hair. That night I think I was wearing a gray v-neck shirt, cut off jean shorts, flip flops, and a white headband. Also another obv one is I have tattoos lol. I'll most likely be sitting in the same seat come the 10th and 11th b/c everyone sat in the same seats last night as well.

    I think the first night there was a full class the second night there was 5 missing.
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  9. by   allweh0pefor
    ...Wow sorry for the book didn't even realize how much I was writing!:chuckle
  10. by   Jmarie24
    aww man sounds like i missed a lot well i will def be there last 2 nights..

    I know what you mean about study groups! I live in Merrimack NH so im not sure how far you are from me but Ill be your study buddy!

    Ya I would hate for someone to not say anything if they were struggling and fail out....that would be the worst..

    ok well I am a little nervous as it is becoming all a little real now haha but I am creating my space today! I was the one that said the kitchen table and realized later on there would be too many disctractions sooo...ya to Wal-Mart I go!!
  11. by   Jmarie24
    hahahaha no no! Write all you want! The more info the better!!!!!!
  12. by   Jmarie24
    so really really funny.. I was in walmart with my friend last night...not even that close to me and I was in the middle isle where all the 20 cent crayons and 50 cent notebooks are. She was looking at my book list and was loudly exclaiming you have how many classes? You are %^$# crazy! across the isle a young girl just asked are you going to lowell? I was like ya are you? She said yes. I asked day or evening? She said evening. I was like me too! I noticed her appearance sand just asked are you on the allnurses website? She was like ya! whats your name? I said Jmarie. I was like are you allwehopefor? She was like ya!!! HAHAHAHAHA how funny!!!

    Still havent found a watch I am just going to purchase one online. Hey can you post Allwehopefor that book she said we have to get even though it wasnt on the list ..the testing one i think it was?

    Ok so much to do..cant even think straight. I need to handle my money situation!
  13. by   kekecruiser
    Too funny! What a small world. I have yet to attend the boot camp but will be going next week. Do I need to bring a notebook or anything?