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Hi all, I am new to this site and new to nursing - hopefully! I am applying to the LPN program at GL Tech evening division. Is anyone else here going or has gone to that program? I am taking the... Read More

  1. by   allweh0pefor
    Keke- Thank you so much for calling to double check!!! I heard the same thing from a post graduate. I was going to call today and check too b/c I'm going to Hero's today.
  2. by   prisicruz
    Sawyer - Google Shawsheen Tech and a link to the high school will come up. Click on that and then just click on Adult Ed. I called them and had them send me an info packet, so maybe you'll get more info that way. They only have evening classes, not day, so that's not ideal for me. But I'll take an acceptance letter any day!
    NLN stands for National League of Nursing. There's a study guide you can order online through them for the test. Other than that it's pretty basic; just like Lowell Tech.
  3. by   Jmarie24
    YaY for Shawsheen! Oh and thank you sooo much for checking on the scrubs thing. I was sure he said all the time but I was so excited and nervous I wasn't processing clearly! But that is awesome we can wear comfy clothes while in class! I ordered my steth and books and my scissors yesterday...omg on ebay I got a white and purple pair of med surg shipping just $5.00!!!!
    ok will keep posted...
  4. by   sawyer12
    Thanks for the info on Shawsheen prisi & keke. The website is outdated so I'll have to call next week.

    JMarie....I love hearing about your experiences with the scrubs & equipment.....even tho I am sad I wont be joining you.

    Guys, I want your opinion.....I am signed up for an a&p classat community college to get a science do you think it will be better if I take a CNA course or take an EKG & Phlebotomy cert course? The CNA class is at GLTech twice a week and the other classes are twice a week but much closer to where I live. Do you think it will matter when applying again for LPN? Or do you think any health related experience will be good enough?
  5. by   Jmarie24
    Thats a hard one I almost want to say ask admissions at lowell to see what they say! Anyone have any thoughts as to what Sawyer would be better off doing?
  6. by   Erindel RN
    Hi, i think you should take a cna class it will prepare you for working alongside the patients on a nursing floor some floors may train you on how to do ekgs most hospitals now only except cna certified people to work on the floors, especially in long term care and hospice
  7. by   kekecruiser

    I think that if you are going to apply for the first set of admissions I would just sign up and take an A&P class. The A&P classes are very difficult and you could use your free time to study and do really well in that college class.

    Although maybe being a CNA helped some people get in, neither I or jmarie are CNA's and we got in. I don't know if ALLWEHOPEFOR is a CNA. I think that if you do really well in the college class you should get in with your high NET results and a good A&P grade. If you set up your interview in the first interview process that would be around November (I think the first testing is October)then you could ask you college professor to maybe write a letter of recommendation along with what your current grade is in the class. And then when the class is over in December you could submit your transcript.

    This is just my opinion but you need to do whatever feels right for you. It is so hard to guess because I know someone who got in two years ago with no college experience or medical experience and she did just okay on the NET. Go figure.......

    Good luck with whatever you decide and keep us posted.
  8. by   allweh0pefor
    Lol yes, I am an LNA(licensed nurses assistant). I live in Southern New Hampshire and we're licensed here rather than a certification. I've been told once before as to what is the difference why we're licensed and your guys are certified, something about having to hold more responsibility. IDK. I've been told that GTLS do primarily want more applicants who have already had some experience working in the field for the LPN program.

    8 days until LPN Bootcamp guys!
  9. by   prisicruz
    Sawyer - I e-mailed them to ask him some questions about next year and I mentioned getting the NET part of the application process waived. He says they might possibly have a new test next year...I'm thinking maybe the TEASE test...and I'm crossing every limb in my body and hoping it isn't so cause it's really hard.
    And he emphasized, yet again, how important it is to have some kinda experience in health care or some college credits that can be transferred.
    Anyway...thought this might be useful to you!
    Anyone have any updates as to how the program is going?? Please keep us in the loop
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  10. by   sawyer12
    Prisi - OMG about a new test - I thought I had at least that part finished with!!!!!

    I am still trying to decide what to do regarding the CNA program & the science classes. I might do the Red Cross CNA program instead of GL Techs because altho its 3 nites a week, its only 8 weeks long as oppossed to GLs which is 2 nites a week but from Sept til Dec. The A&P class is hard to find because you need pre reqs for it so I emailed him to see if a Nutrition class would count instead (seeing that Nutrition is part of the LPN program). I havent heard back from him yet. I found an online A&P class at Salem State, but you dont get a grade per se, just a pass/fail so I might just sign up for that instead - it is a college science course. I just want to do everything I can to make sure I get in because I cant keep waiting all these years!!!!

    Prisi, are you working as a CNA now? I forget if you said you were. I think I might try and get a per diem CNA job once I finish the CNA program just to get some experience while I wait for LPN school. I feel more frustrated than ever with all this uncertainty.

    Jmarie, keke and others - how is everything going - did you start boot camp yet?
  11. by   sawyer12
    Prisi - thanks for the info!!!! (forgot to say that in my last post!)
  12. by   prisicruz
    Sawyer- In his e-mail they said that taking a college course in AP, Micro, Pharm, and/or nutrition can work in your favor. So you don't necessarily need to focus on can pick and chose according to what will work for you.
    I do currently work as a full-time CNA at a nursing home. At the time of my interview at Greater Lowell I didn't have the job interview at the nursing home was that same afternoon, so that's why I got wait listed. I had no experience yet.
    you'll love being a CNA. And if you take a CNA class and get a job on top of taking a college course, you're golden!
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  13. by   allweh0pefor
    How is everyone doing? I've been super busy and haven't been able to check this. Has everyone received their books yet? I've started reading through the A&P textbook. INFORMATION OVERLOAD! Does anyone know of a cheap 1-day CPR course in the Southern New Hampshire area? I want to be able to work agency while in school to make a little extra money aside from my other LNA job that I cut more than half my hours at.

    I'm really confused about the start date for school... I know one of you ladies told me it begins the day after orientation but it says on our textbook form that it begins Sept. 7. Does anyone know the actual date? B/c my employer has me scheduled like 5 days in a row after the 25th.