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Hi all, I am new to this site and new to nursing - hopefully! I am applying to the LPN program at GL Tech evening division. Is anyone else here going or has gone to that program? I am taking the... Read More

  1. by   Jmarie24
    im evenings r u evenings????? i forget i am soo excited now we jus need prisi and sawyer!!!!!!!
  2. by   kekecruiser
    Great, I am evenings too! I will be the old lady of the bunch (almost 40) but I think Allwehopefor is around your age.

    I look forward to meeting you at the LPN boot camp.

    I'm still holding out hope for Prisi and Sawyer.
  3. by   prisicruz
    Jmarie I'm so excited for you!!! Just when we all kind of lost that little glimmer of hope!!
    I've definitely come to terms with not attending this year and have planned everything out for next year, but if I too get the "golden phone call" then I'd be super excited as well!!!
    Good luck with sure to update Sawyer and me throughout your experience there, assuming we're not called in.
  4. by   Jmarie24
    Prisi thank you! I too was making plans and trying to figure out what the heck I was going to do..I honestly did not think I was going to get the call....I just want to get my list of what I need..oh and if u all havent got ur books yet..that where i got all my college text books u will save soooooo much money please look into it!!! I wonder if we HAVE to go to Heroes or not... I need to go the bank asap..i need a much to do! Hey keke and Allwehopefor if u dont mind me asking what town do u live in? I wonder if we are close enough to be able to study together and whatnot...
  5. by   sawyer12
    WOW Jmarie - CONGRATS!!! So happy for you! You're so lucky.....I have given up hope since I spoke to him last week. For some reason I am just not meant to get into that program. Keep us updated on your prgress!!!!!
  6. by   allweh0pefor
    Congratulations Jmarie24!!! Isn't it so liberating to find out you got in?! I live in Milford, NH. It's about a 25 minute commute to Tyngsboro.

    I don't think we HAVE to buy from Hero's, just as long as they are the correct color etc. it should be fine. I have to go to Lowell on August 3 to Saints Medical to get my #2 dose of Varicella and then I'll be going to Hero's to buy the emblems for my tops.

    Keke and Jmarie are you both attending every day of the LPN Bootcamp? I will be :-)
  7. by   kekecruiser

    I live just a few miles from the school and would love to get a study group together after we get settled.

    Allwehopefor~ I will be attending the boot camp and am actually looking forward to it.

    I should have spent more time looking for better priced books because I just purchased them from the retailer. I was going to post online here to see if any former students wanted to sell theirs but I never got around to it and just ordered it online.

    I hope the phone rings for Prisi and Sawyer today!

    Jmarie~ was there a cut-off date for your deposit to be in?
  8. by   Jmarie24
    Hi! thank you guys for the congrats I am still in shock I think... The cut off date for deposit was the 9th but this was an unusual circumstance so when I picked up my packet and letter today I gave him the check in person.. I am a little behind because I guess it takes like 3 weeks for uniforms...I thought I could go to Heroes find my size and in a week (coz of the emblems) be able to pick em up...immunizations I have to do... I will definately be gong to all the nights for bootcamp..

    Oh I know what you mean about finding students say from last year who maybe had the same books...they get some money back and we would pay wayyy question on the steth the packet on the Heroes order form it says for steth color two colors i think grey and blue or something...can we get any color we want? Id like to get like purple or pink or something fun..Not trying to look unprofessional but I need a splash of color somewhere!!! sure ill think of something else to say or ask but for now I am going to just process all this information I just got....

    sooo much to think about...
  9. by   kekecruiser
    I was at the doctors today having my physical and the nurse suggested getting our scrubs at the Thorndike outlet in Lowell. She said they are the best price around. She also said that AJ Wrights in Lowell has a decent selection.
  10. by   Jmarie24
    thorndike outlet..hmmm ill have to check it out..i guess as long as it is the same much to do! My physical and immunizations are Thursday...
  11. by   sawyer12
    Wow you guys I am so jealous!!!! No seriously, good luck in the program and I hope you will post once in a while to keep me updated on your progress. I have been researching my other options because I dont want to wait another year and I found an accredited program in Malden, MA - Medical Professional Institute. I called and the next LPN program starts in January 2010. I have to take a pre-test and then the TEAS test and then the interview so I think I am just gonna go for it. Malden is much closer to me than Tyngsboro but the price is about twice that of GL Tech but I dont care - I just want in! Unfortunately I tried to see if my NET applied but it doesnt so it looks like I will be studying again!!

    Anyone know anything about the TEAS test?
  12. by   allweh0pefor
    Jmarie24- I emailed not too long ago inquiring about the color of the stethoscope b/c my mother had purchased me a maroon one with my initials. She said it was OK. It really takes 3 weeks for the uniforms to be ready for pick up from Hero's? I might have to go there after all b/c I can't find any suitable color anywhere or online =/

    I have one more vaccination at Saints on the 3rd, that day I'll also be going to Hero's to buy uniforms. So, I hope they'll be ready in time before class begins.

    What is the exact start date of class? I know we have orientation on the 25th 4-10:30, which we don't have to wear our uniforms for but bring a notebook.
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  13. by   prisicruz
    Sawyer - That program in Malden is partially accredited...I tried looking for it on the Mass Board of Nursing but it's not there. They have you take a pre-test on which you need to score at least an 80% to be eligible to take the TEASE test. The TEASE test is a lot harder than the NET from what I've heard. It has Math, Reading and Science. After passing the TEASE test you'll then be eligible to apply to the actual program. Sounds like WAY too much work for twice the money and half the accredidation...which will hurt you when looking for a job once your licensed.
    I did the same thing and tried looking for another school or another route...but the fact that you were wait listed is pretty much a garauntee that if you re-apply you'll have a spot. And you can take the rest of this year and get your CNA which is HUGE to them and get a job, even if it's part time of per diem.
    I know it sucks...but Greater Lowell has an awesome rep and this school in Malden might not have the best NCLEX pass rate, while Greater Lowell had a 93% pass rate last year; 53 out of 57 students passed their NCLEX.
    There's a lot to consider!