Curry College ACCEL Program 2016

  1. Hey everyone! I am thinking of applying to Curry College's ACCEL program starting next January 2016 I am very anxious, but this might be the best option for me. To be honest, I am a senior in Public Health who failed out Junior year of a previous program. I have all the prereqs done, but has anyone else heard of a student who failed a 4 year college who made it into an ACCEL program? (If you wish to know why you can read some of my old posts- I did not fail for academic reasons, it was an awful situation. In addition, I took an extra honors class, my parents moved to Florida, and I was an RA at the time- so I definitely overwhelmed myself.) I made a 3.88 this semester, and my overall GPA is a 3.15.

    My plan if I do choose this school is to work only once or twice a month, to keep my name on the payroll basically, and just focus on school. Nothing else. No other classes, responsibilities, except for maintaining my relationship with my boyfriend.

    If there are ANY Alumni out there who would be so kind as to offer an insight into the program, please share! This is kind of my leap of faith.

    Anyone else planning on applying for next year is welcome to chat here as well!
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  3. by   Aspiringnurse0421
    Hi, I am applying to Curry for 2016 as well, We have some similar situations and I believe this may be the best option for me as well.
    Did you start the application already?
    I just emailed them regarding their application process and if they needed recommendation letters because I did not notice them online. I applied to Regis and Northeastern as well. Simmons too but that was a mistake, I want to receive a BSN and they do not offer that.
    I wished Curry started in the Fall lol I am working on everything so it could be done within the next month so I can focus on my A&P 2 and Chem course I am taking. Then, I will be done with these prereqs.

    It would be nice if an Alumni is willing to offer some insight? lol

    I live in CT, so it would be a big move for me...and my puppy.
  4. by   BanannaFish
    I actually received a packet from them detailing what the program was like and when their deadline was. But I'm skeptical if it's updated... it says the program costs about 35,000, yet the past threads i've read are saying it's near 38,000 to 40,000. So I wouldn't want to completely trust the deadline outlined in the packet. I haven't sent in my application just yet, I want to get a hold of someone in the department and talk to them first.

    I just hope that I'll be accepted, given I have failed out before. If I don't get accepted, then my backup plan is to go to a community college, receive my associates, and then do a RN-BSN program, hopefully a 1 year program. I'm thinking of applying to those schools as well, but Massasoit Community College and Curry College are the closest to me. Massasoit is a 2 minute drive down the street from me, and Curry is about a 20 minute commute.

    Are you going to the February information session?
  5. by   PennyS

    2014 grad here. I will try and offer some insight. First, to BananaFish, I cannot comment specifically on someone failing out and then being accepted into an Accel program. Curry is extremely competitive because their cohort size is the smallest in the area. On average, they accept around 35 students and usually receive between 300-400 applicants. My advice to you would be to write about your undergrad experience in your one page statement.

    I highly recommend going to the info session. It is a great opportunity to get your questions answered and meet some of the faculty. At the time I was in the program, the cost of tuition was approx $42000. It is a very vigorous program. If you have to work, I would try and only work part-time. I did not work until Fall semester and did 20 hours a week. To be honest, Spring and Summer were really intense and I do not know if I could have pulled it off (caveat: I have four young kids at home and they take up a lot of my The program was great! I have no regrets with my choice. I was also accepted at MGH and Simmons but chose Curry for its small cohort size, affordability, clinical placements, schedule and location. The schedule was definitely a huge plus because of my family. All clinicals were during the day and I knew exactly what my schedule would be from day 1 of the program. The faculty, for the most part, was top-notch (sans 1 or 2 I could have done without). Clinical placements were outstanding: MGH, BCH, BIDMC, BMC, B&W, SSH.

    That's all I have for now. If you have any specific questions, let me know and I will do my best to answer them.

    Good Luck!
  6. by   Aspiringnurse0421
    I live in CT, and I am currently taking A&P II and taking a Chem 2, working and volunteering so it is hard for me to attend the info session... I wish I could hop in my car and just do it.

    I posted this on other threads for other schools, Im going to copy it here so you can know more about me.

    thank you so much for your post, I am just worrying about getting accepted. I like Curry sounds really convenient and the price is great!

    Do you think the admission's team will not consider me as a candidate? (read below to know why im asking). I am taking two classes over to improve my grade.

    I have applied to Simmons and Northeastern. I am applying to Regis as well. Northeastern is my first choice but, they only have 24 spots for Direct Entry BSN/MS. That is very scary. I am freaking out because these three schools are the only ones I am interested in and I have not applied anywhere else.

    I am 23, I graduated in may 2014 from Sacred Heart University with a Bachelors in Business. I want to use my business degree later on and even combine it with nursing. I did study abroad in Rome. I volunteer at a local hospital in the NICU and Ambulatory since March 2014. I have been working as a caregiver for about over 5 years! I have strong personal papers about my self and strong 3 recommendation letters as well. I started doing my prereqs and I have finished most, I need AP 2 and Chem 2. I am also taking the GRE nect week for Regis, I will retake it if I do poorly... My prereq gpa is not that strong because in two classes I received a C.. I will take them over (chem and a&p) to improve my grade. In august my sister in law gave birth and she has been going thru postpartum depression. This really threw me off course because I had to be a full time mom and take care of the baby, while going to my classes (3 of them) and also working/volunteering. I was worried 24/7 about the baby because I could not leave him home alone with his mother. Thankfully she is FINALLY getting better and I could now focus on school. The baby is 5 months and healthy I have been dealing with health issues my self which made everything harder. I have no idea how I managed to take those classes and go through all of this. I am praying that I do not get rejected because life got in the way for me and it sucks because normally I would not have done bad!!!!! I really really want to get into Northeastern, Its really expensive but, they have the Neonatology program that I want to do. I was told by them to also take into consideration their direct entry hybrid program, which sounds convenient and also scary! Regis and Curry are also my top choices and I am praying I get into one of these.
  7. by   Aspiringnurse0421
    Also, one of my reasons for wanting to do nursing school in Ma, is not only because of the hospitals there but, due to the fact that I need to get away from CT in order to focus on my nursing. I live at home with my parents and I have too many responsibilities..
  8. by   tinab9187
    I'm planning on applying to January 2016 as well! I'm also nervous about getting in. I applied to MCPHS since I'm next to Worcester and they're the only ones with a fall start and was denied. This totally threw my self esteem off. I know I'm not the most desirable candidate on paper but I could not find what it was in my applciation that would have caused my denial.

    I took all my pre-reqs at the community college that I recieved my associate's at so it's a little hard to tell what my pre-req GPA is and then my undergrad GPA (how could I use my pre-req grades to boost my undergrad GPA? or is that not possible since my undergrad is completely finished? LOL... so confusing).
    A&P 1: A- (3.7)
    A&P 2: A- (3.7)
    Micro: B (3.0)
    Chem: B (3.0)
    Stats: B (3.0)
    Life Span: A (4.0)
    So I guess my pre-req GPA is 3.4??

    My undergrad GPA is a 2.85 I believe.

    Also, it's nice to see someone else on here with children. It gives me hope LOL. I'm due to have my second in a week and a half and don't plan to work much during the program either since I'll have to spend any free time I have focusing on my kids or studying -_-
  9. by   tinab9187
    did you ever find out about the LOR's? I asked a friend of mine who just started their 2015 program and she couldn't remember but she doesn't think she had to send in LOR's for admission.
  10. by   Fantoni
    I also think about to apply to Curry College's ACCEL program. I graduated from Curry College with a BS in Community Health. Curry College is a wonderful College and I learned a lot there. That is the reason why I want to go back there for nursing.
  11. by   Vonnyie
    Hi everyone, I will apply to Curry by the end of the third week in May since I am taking A&P 1.
    Does anyone know of a low interest rate loan we could apply for tuition?
  12. by   Mlf0217
    Hi I'm am new to this site and I am wondering if anyone got accepted to the Curry Accelerated nursing program that starts in January. I received mine yesterday and I am looking forward to meeting my classmates.
  13. by   1futureRN
    I was recently accepted into the January 2016 program as well and am so excited! I currently work in Finance and have two small children at home. This career change has been a long time coming, and I'm excited to finally have a start date!
  14. by   Angela1189
    Hey there!
    I was also recently accepted into the Jan 2016 cohort. Guess it's only 30 people or so?