clinical locations at Bristol Community College

  1. I'm starting BCCs nursing program hopefully next fall and I've been trying to find out where they hold their clinicals because I don't have a car and id like to know what to expect but everywhere I look it just says "locations in southeastern ma n ri"... if anyone has gone there and knows where they have them please let know! Someone warned me that the program is very strict and they don't care if you don't have transportation... I'm so nervous so being prepared and having a rough idea would help me a lot! Thanks guys! =)
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  3. by   rnmalex
    I just finished nursing school in Texas this past May, and we had clinical experiences in many different places, up to an hour away from the school. And they don't care if you don't have transportation. A lot of us carpooled.
  4. by   nurse2be123456
    I'm applying for 2013 too at BCC maybe we will have class together!!!!!!!! Best of luck to you. I'm so nervous !!!!! I heard that you can have clinical anywhere in Massachusetts or Rhode Island, but I don't think it matters if you have a car or not I'm sure you could go up with someone.
  5. by   lilmama10211
    hey nurse2be good luck i wish you the best its so competitive at the health info session it says out of 700 people only 72 get in... im nervous too and kinda shy so i hope i can find someone to carpool with me! maybe i can offer to pay someone gas lol ugh its so stressful! lemme know if you get in i think we find out by mid march... did you take the teas test yet? im scheduled jan 5
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  6. by   nurse2be123456
    Hey lilmama...yes I took the test in October if you just take your time you will do fine. You can always carpool with me if we both get in. I don't mind driving at all. Do you have Facebook?
  7. by   lilmama10211
    yes im Sarah Mosel
  8. by   nurse2be123456
    I can't find you there is 4 different people with thy name in there lol! See if you can find me? Kendra Bazinet
  9. by   beckntrev
    Good luck everyone.. I'm waiting also.
  10. by   Sheryl18
    I am in the last semester right now, but I didn't do the 1st year because I did the LPN bridge program so I don't really know for sure where the fundamental and maternity/pedi students have clinical, although I do know some students go to W & I in Providence for maternity. I believe most of the 1st year students were at St. Anne's & St. Lukes, and I thought I remember someone telling me they went to NB rehab for fundamentals. For the 2nd year, med surg, the 3 hospitals are Sturdy in Attleboro, St. Anne's in FR & St. Lukes in NB. For the psych rotations it's SSTAR in FR, Rogers unit in St. Lukes & Arbour Fuller in South Attleboro. Psych is rotated into med surg for 4 weeks each semester, & you have 8 weeks of med surg clinical each semester. I hope this helps a little! Good luck!
  11. by   beckntrev
    Sheryl, what were current students GPA's like upon acceptance? 4.0 to how low?? just curious.. they say 3.0 and up.. but I think it is not the case.. what other factors do they concider??
  12. by   Sheryl18
    I don't really know what the lowest GPA was, mine was a 4.0 and I had an A+ in A&P I & II & Micro, which I had heard they look at the sciences with more weight. I would say anything above a 3.5 because they get so many applicants they can be pretty picky. I know they look at the TEAS scores too though. Good luck, my fingers are crossed for you!!
  13. by   beckntrev
    I didn't realize they looked at teas scores.. I thought it was just Pass/Fail. Thanks for the feedback.. I hope to know soon, I need to plan financially.. School or Vacation... haha I'm going to need one after this ball of stress i've become..
  14. by   xlilmama10211x
    I just noticed your reply sheryl thank you! I got scared because somewhere said clinicals can be up to an hr away... and by the way i'm the one Who started this post (had to resign up because I forgot my password haha) so you've been really helpful. How do you like the program? Is it much different than the reg adn? Ps. your grades are amazing now I'm nervous lol
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