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  3. by   RocknRollYogaRn
    I am a nurse living on Cape Cod but not working. Hi.
  4. by   LittleWing21
    I live and work on Cape Cod!
  5. by   esf08001
    Hello! I'm from the cape and I'm graduating nursing school with my BSN in may and I'd love to be able to move back home and work in Hyannis or even Falmouth but, I can't seem to find any information if they would hire new grads or contact info for a nurse recruiter. If anyone has any advice let me know! Thanks
  6. by   Resanite
    I'm in my first semester of nursing at CCCC. So any advice on school, future employment, or ways to keep my sanity from fellow cape coders is much appreciated!
  7. by   LittleWing21
    Nice to meet y'all! Esf- definitely try at CCH & Falmouth. When I graduated in '08 it was difficult, though not impossible, to get a job there as a new grad. Having a BSN should help. I'm not sure if they even have a nurse recruiter, sadly, but they may. You might try working as a CNA there first if that's an option for you. There's also the Southcoast Hospitals and Jordan Hospital that many nurses on the Cape commute to. Be a little leery of nursing homes. They seem to welcome new grads with open arms....but often don't provide the support that's needed. Good luck!!!!

    Resanite- CCCC's nursing program is such a hidden gem! I loved it and felt super prepared for my NCLEX! My advice for school? Color-coded flashcards. That helped me soooo much. Sanity on the Cape? Good luck!!! Haha jk! I'm sure you'll find classmates who help you with that For me, it was the girls in my first clinical group. I can speak from experience- it can be hard if you're a wash-a-shore! Good luck to you too!
  8. by   RN_SummerSeas
    Hi to all!

    OP are you not working by choice?

    BSN grad you can get hired at CCH of FH, Just look through the open positions on their website and see what there is.

    LTC does take new grads (especially ASN since no one else really does) and they do not train or support from what I have seen/heard. My job is sub-acute and there are some seriously ill people there and I do NOT feel qualified half the time for what I do! I can't WAIT to finish my BSN!!!!!

    Are you days or evenings at CCCC??? I graduated there in May. I can give you some hints and tips-depends on if you are days or nights! Good luck, study your DA as many fail out second semester in lab with the 3 DA tests (I got an A+ in Pharm. Calc. and still struggled-they word the questions tricky and put a lot of emphasis on how many don't pass. When I was in second semester we lost a lot of people because of those exams and DEFINITELY take pharmacology with the female instructor (can't put names of initials on here) she is amazing she teaches Kaplan as well I cant stress enough to take Kaplan when you graduate!!!
    Congratulations on getting in