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  1. Has anyone out there attended CCCC Nursing program? They want almost all general ed classes completed before entering the program so that you will focus on your nursing classes. What is their clinical schedule? I have young kids and and can't be at a 7AM clinical.
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  3. by   LittleWing21
    I'm a 4C's grad ('08). It was a terrific program. They have evening programs for those who can't do the morning clinicals.
  4. by   ann22
    Thanks! Did you do the morning clinicals? What time did yours start? Also did you have to do all your general ed classes before getting accepted into the nursing program?
  5. by   ann22
    I live about 25 minutes from Barnstable, in Plymouth. I don't know how I would be able to do a clinical that starts before 8am. It is so hard when you are juggling school w/young kids. If you are a day student can you do an evening clinical? In the evening program do you still graduate in two years? I was told I can't apply until I have my general ed classes complete or I won't get accepted. Not just the prerequisites but all the general ed. So I have to do that for two years before I can even apply! Yikes it seems so far away. I tried to reply to your private message but it won't let me send out private messages??? Thanks for answering my questions!!!!!
  6. by   LittleWing21
    Luckily, it's only two days a week and it's not ALWAYS before 8. Sometimes you have like you pediatrician office clinical, lab day, etc, etc. I think the first semester may only have 1 clinical a week...omg so long ago I forget!!! I don't think they let you cross over from day to evening for clinicals. I was able to take and evening pharm class though. I know it seems far, but it's worth it! Try CLEPing some classes if possible, it may speed the process up.
  7. by   RN_SummerSeas
    This is an older post, but I thought I would reply in case anyone searches Cape Cod Community College nursing, CCCC nursing. I am a current student there and it is a horrible program. There are safety issues, a lot of bias against students, changing weights of tests grades AFTER being scored-thus dropping your score and getting you kicked out. We have lost almost 1/3 of our class already and some of them would have made great nurses-some MA who have jobs in healthcare and only failed b/c of changes to grades. It is a shame! This is by far a subpar program. I will finish here as I have no choice but I would highly recommend anyone looking to apply to nursing school in SE MA to look elsewhere!!!
  8. by   dream& achieve
    I am in the day class of 2012..say what you will, despite of how we feel about an instructor persoanlly because of school, there isn't a single instructor there I wouldn't trust my loved ones with..they are the best in what they do, I believe. I look foreward to when I hope I can say that about our fellow students in our class
  9. by   RN_SummerSeas
    Despite how we feel about an idea what you are talking about...I am talking about the program as a whole. If I could do it again I would NOT go to CCCC, glad you like it, but I am NOT the only one who feels this way-past grads, current students, many know this program is far from what it used to be or should be. It is a shame. I would not trust my family or anyone I remotely like with some of these people and there are others I would trust their lives with. Some are amazing nurses and teachers and some should not be in the field. Had I heard the horror stories that I hear from past students as well as current, and the things I have seen occur to my fellow students, I certainly would have gone elsewhere.
    So dream & achieve I am happy you are so pleased, but you are one of the few. Good luck to you!
    Anyone else, don't put your eggs all in one basket, their are far superior programs in the area, look around
    Don't get me wrong, I was so excited when I got into this program and it is a huge let down to me that it has turned out to be such a negative experience. I wish it were different for all that have had to go through similar negative issues here, as I know there are many other than me. I wish we had all had the positive experience we pay for and deserve, sadly that is not the case
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  10. by   dream& achieve
    I have heard simular stories from several students past and present, you are correct there. I am not refuting that there are a few that oowuld be better off in another field, trust me,lol. But that is one reason why I want to become a nurse: to be one of the better ones out there. There have been issues in this program that do indeed disurb me for sure, and although many other programs have their own issues, the ones we face seem very unfair. I just hateto lump all instructors in the same group, who do try to make it a great program. One more yr and we can move on, and perhaps amke the profession proud and show prospective future nurses what a good nurse should be :heartbeat
  11. by   RN_SummerSeas
    Whatever this program USED to be like (I hear it was excellent and back then they had a high NCLEX pass rate, now it has dropped a lot) it is very messed up now. I have seen people removed from the program under unfair circumstances, people who would have been awesome nurses. They became so discouraged they might not ever return, that is such a shame. You are right there are some amazing instructors here, but also some who have no place teaching. I have met some instructors who take the time to show you what you are learning and give you the time to understand it, I have, however, not had any of those yet-well no I had one but only for one weekend and she quit after one semester b/c she did not like the program, bummer she was great. I am hoping this school year brings better things for those of us who are very unhappy, in my class there are several, and I hope that all of us graduate and go on to achieve great things! I will be going right into a BSN program as soon as I pass that NCLEX! Maybe I will get a masters and certificate in nurse education and be the kind of teacher I WISH I had gotten!!!