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Hi, I was wondering if anyone is attending or has attended the Becker College nursing program? I have read threads in the past that say this is not a good nursing program. I am hoping someone who... Read More

  1. by   lillies123
    30%? thats insane...were they talking about a specific program or just in general?
  2. by   fabiusgile
    I actually was interested and went to the website. my school mwcc. has a 96% 99 people sat and 92 passed becker was 44/45
  3. by   April, RN
    Quote from fabiusgile
    I actually was interested and went to the website. my school mwcc. has a 96% 99 people sat and 92 passed becker was 44/45
    It says 84 sat and 57 passed at Becker.
  4. by   lillies123
    That is almost half that passed and half that failed..I wonder if the rate is lack of test preparation coming from the school or the students?
  5. by   becka4
    I graduated from Becker College in May of 2008 and passed the NCLEX with 75 questions. I attended a State College for 4 years prior so I was able to transfer alot of credits. I saw that the pass rate was only 68% for 2008 which it also was in 2006 and they had been working really hard to improve things. I have been trying to figure out whether it was that the school wasn't doing a well enough job educating us, a poor job weeding out the people that wouldn't pass the NCLEX, or a lack of initiative on the part of the students; and I guess it is a combination. Students frequently had complaints about test question, the registrars office, ect and I was in that position a couple times as well. I know that I studied my butt off and went into it knowing that I would be committing two years of my life to studying and that is what I did. I went to study groups with classmates and EVERY tutoring session that was offered even if I thought I knew the information or was doing well on tests. They are also offering a RN-BSN program now that I would absolutely attend it I was still in the area. So I guess it comes down to how much work you put into it.
  6. by   lillies123
    Becka4, thanks for the informative response...I have heard negative remarks about becker but I won't let others' opinions prevent my decision to apply. Right now, I will take any nursing program since they are all extremely competitive. I also agree with you on preparing yourself to know you will be studying for the next two years. I believe some people go into nursing with a hazy picture of what it will be like(which is normal for any profession) and once they start a program, it is too much to handle and it might not leave a good impression on the program or school they are currently in. Anywho, I will apply to Becker College and if I view as these other people do, then I will just have to take it with grain of salt and study my butt off lol....thanks again!
  7. by   WyndDrivenRain
    I am a 2004 Graduate of Becker college. I passed my NCLEX with 75 questions on the first try. I loved the Becker program despite the glitches and felt very well prepared clinically. I have since moved to the west coast but before that I had the chance to work with several Becker grads who graduated a few years after I did and they were also very well prepared. I'm not sure what is with the low pass rates, I think most of my class passed the first time through. I have heard horror stories since about professors not being helpful but I have to say that my professors were fantastic and very helpful.

    Sue, RN
  8. by   Vallamy
    Lillies - If the high tuition isn't a prohibitive factor, check out Anna Maria's program, in Paxton. My friend has been attending for the past two years and is very pleased with the entire experience. Good Luck !!
  9. by   squigglyRN
    Hi everyone....I am in the last stretch of the the nursing program at Becker College and let me s a great nursing school. The program has really turned around in the past few years and they're most recent NCLEX pass rate for this past May graduating class was 100%. If I'm not mistaken, the pass rate for the December graduating class was 99%. They have hired new directors and course coordinators in the last three years who are incredible. if given the opportunity to change nursing schools, I would never switch to another school. Their nursing program is competitive to get into and it's a tough program to get through but well worth the work. I would recommend the Becker College Nursing School to anyone looking for a great program. The school also has an RN-BSN program for anyone looking to further their education after the ADN.