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Hi, I was wondering if anyone has gone to or currently attends Laboure College? I just got accepted for Fall 2005 and just wanted to hear anything you have to say about the program! Thanks! :)... Read More

  1. by   Promin1
    I went to Laboure too. There are very few people who were able to complete their program in two years. Not only because it is intense, but also because there was pretty long waiting list when I was a student. I completed the program in 2.5 years, which is probably less then it takes on avarage for a full-time student. As they increased tuition to almost 700 per credit I'm not sure how long is the waiting list now :chuckle

    I would like to mention that I had to study A LOT. For every nursing class I had 3-5 extra books. Taking practice test from various books helped a lot. Their clinical program is very very weak. As a student you won't learn much in clinical settings. We were not allowed to do anything without our clinical instructor, and there were about 8-10 students per instructor. So instead of learning something valuable we we stuck performing CNA duties. Comparing this to UMass program where each student is actually assigned to a nurse, Laboure sucks. This is especially sad because Laboure is a part of Caritas Christi system, so I was asking myself how come that UMass managed to negotiate with Caritas Christi to get their students to work with nurses directly and Laboure didn't? The only answer that comes to my mind is because Laboure DOES NOT CARE.

    But all the above is not a reason why I would not go to Laboure today. A friend of mine has told me a shocking story how Laboure fails students nowadays. The first nursing class nursing students take is "Fundamentals of nursing". There are 5 tests and one final. The passing score is 78 percent. It's not so easy to get a passing score, especially for a new student, and like a mentioned I had to study a lot. So when I was a student the final score was calculated as median score of all the test and the final. But now they changed it and if don't get your 78 percent after the first two tests, they dismiss you from the program. Of course, you won't be able to get your money back either. So they basically knowingly accept many more student into the class than they may accommodate in their clinicals, collect their money, and kick them out saying those students lack critical thinking skills. This it absolutely insane, because by that time most students spend 10-15K for taking classes at that school.

    So if you like gambling and want to test you luck, Laboure may be a good choice. :chuckle
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  2. by   labourestudent
    I just joined this site because this thread makes me so angry. Guess what folks, nursing school is DIFFICULT! If you can't pass the classes @ Laboure, it's because you're not applying yourself or you're not cut out to be a nurse. I come in contact with so many students who want to complain about Laboure's program but those students are always the least ones to apply themselves or think they don't need to spend every night studying. Is Laboure a perfect school, NO. Does it have it's issues, SURE. I have 3 degrees, every university I've ever attended has had issues, none of them are perfect. Laboure is a great school, with a very good reputation. You do have to spend a ton of time outside school to learn the material, the instructors do not spoon feed you everything that you need to know. So I guess if you want to be a baby and have someone hold your hand while attending nursing school, this is not the school for you. Their NCLEX pass rate is up there with almost everyone else's in MA - um look @ Bunker Hill or Endicott, their scores, last I checked, were awful. I'd recommend Laboure to anyone, it's tough but nursing is tough - they are just preparing your for the real world. Do not listen to the haters - nothing has made me more mad than the person who is whining about A&P and the instructor not being able to tell you exactly what's on the exams - are you serious? Guess what's on the exams in A&P - the stuff that's in your A&P book! Read the chapters, the material in those chapters is on the exams! If you really need an instructor to tell you every question or the exact material on a test, you're not ready for college and you're definitely not ready to be a nurse. Laboure is a wonderful school - it's not for everyone but if you're a non-traditional student, this is a great school!
  3. by   Promin1
    First of all, just based on the bitter, defensive style of your post I doubt that you are a Laboure student. So number one problem at that school is lack of honesty. And your post is a good example of it.

    There were 39 posts to this thread since January 2006 and majority of them are negative. So you presumed that all those people are lazy losers. Did I get you right?

    Buy the way, I'm not. I never failed any courses at that school and my GPA was decent. For 2.5 years a dedicated myself to studying and succeeded. Some instructors are great and some are awful, just like anywhere else. But taking into considerations all the other issues and tuition cost (23K per year), this school would not be my first, second, or third choice nowadays. Just my .