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Hi, I am new to this forum and I am wondering if anyone has graduated from mcc in lowell the 2 year rn program. Also if anyone is in the middle of the program or applying for it. I am applying for... Read More

  1. by   LynM75
    Oh please, not one person in my class is under 25, I am 34 and by no means the oldest person there...Do not worry about that, EVER! The book was maybe 150 at bookstore, but I bought in online at and paid 90 bucks for a new one. The one thing is the micro dept. has thier own lab manual that you can only buy at the bookstore. My advice is to get that book as early as you can because it sells out very quickly. That book was 40 bucks, not too bad.
    The first couple of labs are microscopes, but then you move onto planting plates and tubes and other media, it's really cool...
  2. by   Erindel RN
    Well I'm glad it seems like it'll be a mixed group at school. I feel better being around an older crowd anyway instead of the younger groups. I better call the bookstore then and grab a copy of that micro lab manual. Do u think its always the same one, or could diff profs pick another book? I wonder if they would let me get it now, or would I have to wait closer to the start of school. I prefer labs like swabbing cultures of diff things rather than looking under the scope the whole time. I like bacteria growth studies and all the nasty things growing on surfaces and doorknobs. That's interesting to me.
  3. by   JamesM
    Just got a call from admissions and I will be starting the day program in September! see you there.
  4. by   Erindel RN
    congrats james!! u must be sooo excited. i am waiting for admission into the evening program. did you recieve a letter stating at first you were a qualified applicant, and you would be wait listed? thats all i know so far. there is a nursing meeting next wed. for qualified applicants that i am going to. i dont think anyone from the evening program will be called off the waitlist. that program is much longer for a wait than the day program. are u finished all your prereqs? i am taking micro this summer. your orientation is in may right? well congrats again and good luck with the program....
  5. by   JamesM
    thanks. I am excited because I've been on the waitlist since march '09. I dont know when orientation is because I havent gotten the letter yet, they just called to tell me a spot opened up and asked if I wanted it. Good luck everyone.
  6. by   LynM75
    Oh Congratulations James! There is hope out there... I am 6 months behind you in the waiting process, I hope it really goes that fast, as well. Good luck in your Nursing journey... Lyn
  7. by   LynM75
    Could you give me the info for the Nursing meeting? It turns out that I may be able to attend one of the sessions but I got rid of the letter, because I always work 10a-10p on that day, but I switched with someone and now I have the morning part off. Thanks
  8. by   Erindel RN
    Hi lyn, it is next wed 4/7 in the assembly room in the federal bldg. It is either 2 sessions, 130 to 300, or 530 to 7pm. I am going to the one at 530. I hope u can make it... if not I can tell u what it was about.
  9. by   LynM75
    of course I have to work at 1 pm that day, too bad...
  10. by   Erindel RN
    Oh that stinks...... well I will let u know next wed. Nite what it was all about. Btw, I finally got a job! Its at melrose wakefield hosp working as a cardio tech. Its only per diem but it will get my foot in the door..... have a nice holiday weekend
  11. by   LynM75
    That's great! I'm glad you found something. Is is close to where you live? Will you be doing ekg's and stress tests and the like? When do you start?
  12. by   Erindel RN
    Hi, its about 25 min from where I live. I will be doing ekgs, holter monitors, scanning the monitors into the computer and interpreting the ekgs for abnormalities. I will take an arrythmia class to learn how to read the ekgs which will come in handy with the job, as well as nursing in the future. I can train to do stress testing as well. I start in about 2 weeks. I'm looking forward to it....
  13. by   ErinLee14
    How is everyone?! Anything new & exciting going on with anyone?