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Hi, I am new to this forum and I am wondering if anyone has graduated from mcc in lowell the 2 year rn program. Also if anyone is in the middle of the program or applying for it. I am applying for... Read More

  1. by   KHarmon
    Hey Everyone,
    Has anyone bought the practice book for the TEAS test? What does it include, I'm wondering if I should get it or not. I'm pretty strong in math and science and scored 100 on the nursing entrance exam 2 years ago so really don't want to get the book if I don't need it esp if this isn't going to count really either!
    Let me know,
  2. by   lakerATP
    Which CPR certification is required to begin these programs? I assume BLS for Healthcare Providers?
  3. by   Erindel RN
    Hi laker, yes thats the correct cpr we need, bls for healthcare providers.
  4. by   patno86
    KHarmon (kelley) - we are in the same clinical/lab group.

    Erindel (Erin) - we are not unfortunately, but there is always lecture, ha.
  5. by   KHarmon
    I just called and my financial aid loan has been approved!!! Thankfully!! So I guess I'll be getting my books next week sometime hopefully Thats so cool we are all in the same group!
  6. by   Erindel RN
    Hi patno, yes I know that stinks but we can all sit together in class. I usually sit closer to the front so thats where i will be...
    I will get there early on the 31rst.

    Kharmon, thats awesome..i received my aid too. Finally!

    See you two in 2 weeks!!!
  7. by   KHarmon
    SO Psyched!!!! I'll be in the front too!
  8. by   LynM75
    Oh I feel so left out in the day program all by myself...
  9. by   Erindel RN
    Oh lyn we wish u were in our group! Hey, when u meet your classmates have them join AN and join this thread and we can all chat... If we ever have any extra time other than doing school work!
    Good luck with your orientation.
  10. by   patno86
    anybody who is anybody knows the cool kids sit in the front and are in the part-time program; haha! you females better be nice to us males though! :-)
  11. by   Erindel RN
    Haha patno, your a riot!!! Of course we will be nice to u
  12. by   KHarmon
    Hey everyone,
    So orientation is almost here! Does anyone know if there is a dress code and if we need to bring anything else other than our BLS cards?
    Please let me know,
  13. by   Erindel RN
    hi kelley,

    i dont think there is a dress code. i know to bring bls card, maybe a notebook if you want to take notes or something. I am assuming she may be passing out info to us about the course.