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Hi, I am an applicant for the fall 2013, is anyone else waiting to hear?... Read More

  1. by   xlilmama10211x
    did she say they only score THOSE classes or those are just the ones that weigh more then others? like should i score all my classes or just those ones?
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  2. by   xlilmama10211x
    omg i just counted n i have a 17/30.... thats horrible! im screwed =( im surprised they dont consider ALL sciences and maths or even eng 102. that stinks
  3. by   beckntrev
    I believe it is their first look, the 30pt. scale, then they account other grades as well
  4. by   teddie23
    I just checked mine, I have a 21, but no recent degree audits...
  5. by   beckntrev
    I was told today. we should have our letters within a month!
  6. by   homesteader
    I applied and I still have micro and psy252 to do. My gpa is 3.6, but my points are terrible! I think I just added up a total of 14 :-(. I took those courses so long ago and was not as good a student! Feel like I am most likely not going to get in this year. I would be Ok with next year, although that point system is going to remain the same.....
  7. by   beckntrev
    stay positive!!!!
  8. by   teddie23
    Definitely stay positive, we are all in the same boat, I have higher points but lower overall gpa, who knows at this point, such a crazy ride! Stay strong we will know soon
  9. by   beckntrev
    degree works is driving me nuts.. it doesn't update daily.. argh!
  10. by   teddie23
    Really? I wonder why?
  11. by   xlilmama10211x
    homesteader dont worry im in the same situation i got 17/30 but i have all my pre reqs done. so many variables its so hard to figure who gets in im thinkin ill b put on the waiting list so i dont get my hopes up lol. good luck to everyone i cant wait to get an answer! its so scary too because only ten percent of total applicants gets in.. thats just not fair that means they probably take everyone with highest points, best gpas, n most prereqs done first which outta 700 applicants probably makes up that ten percent! leaving 650 more then qualified students on a wait list that doesnt even carry to the next yr! i think if people are wait listed they should at least get in the next yr instead of considering 700 more over qualified people!
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  12. by   beckntrev
    They are updating degree works and they have auto-update turned off in the meantime. ( ... I agree also, to many people are qualified and not enough spots... fingers are still crossed..
  13. by   homesteader
    Thanks everyone. Waiting is hard!