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Just curious to see who is out there...that has gone through or will be going through the program at Monty Tech. I start in the fall and can't wait!... Read More

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    good luck with the process, Gracie-May...! Yes, it is intense and fast paced, but survivable! You will be given a mentor that will be willing to help you along the way, they will be a student that has gone through the program already.

    Working full time will be difficult, especially as the program progresses...if you get behind in the program, it's difficult to ever catch up. Don't want to scare you, just being honest!

    Clinical is usually during a 3-11 shift on the weeknights and 7-3 during the weekend--travel depends on where your placed...Groton, Worcester, Fitchburg, Littleton, Gardner....
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    Hi Everyone! I'm a 2011 hopeful and I took my TEAS and I passed!! Yay! I just got the letter with the application form and working on that now. What about you Yayagig? I have read from all of you about the interview being the next step.. what should I expect at the interview? What kind of questions do they ask?
    I have heard that the program is intense & hectic.. I have a 7 yr old son and a full time job, divorced & have no family here... should I jump off the bridge now or later Is it possible to have a full time job & still work on being an LPN? How much travelling is involved? Is it during the day?? As you can tell I have a million questions... HELP PLEASE!!
    Hi Gracie, The 2011 class just graduated tonight! They tell you not to work more than 30 hrs (I believe) Trust them, most of the class didn't even work that many hours. They are serious when they tell you that if you fall behind, it is VERY hard to catch up, the workload does NOT get lighter as the terms pass. Class is from 4-10 pm M-Thurs, Friday is your only wk day off. Clinicals once they start are 4-10 pm on wk day nights (class time (not class work) gets cut down when clinicals start) and 7-3pm every other wknd. There is a TON of reading, written assignments, and a few are always busy. With no family here to help, you are going to need very good/reliable child care, have a Plan A & Plan B.
    There is quite a bit of traveling for clinical sites, Athol, Gardner, Groton, Clinton, Fitchburg, Worcester, you will end up at about 5 different sites. Hope this helps you get a better picture of the upcoming year and what you will need to prepare for.
    Good luck!
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    Quote from Missy 424
    Just curious to see who is out there...that has gone through or will be going through the program at Monty Tech. I start in the fall and can't wait!
    Hi, I'm starting the program in a couple of weeks. I was wondering if anyone thought or knows if I'm able to use last years editions on books?. I was told to make sure to get the new editions, but I've heard it really doesn't matter. Thank you )
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