University of Maryland SON FNP Fall 2011

  1. I'm new to this site so I apologize in advance if a thread for this has already started but I am looking for any applicants out there for the FNP program for Fall 2011 at University of Maryland's school of nursing. I'm totally stressing over this waiting because I work with this guy who applied last semester and was rejected and he's pretty much a genius, lol. Then I found some posts from Fall 2010 and everyone was rejected. How competitive is getting into this program. I'm starting to think I should really be thinking about what I will do if I don't get in. Anyone know what they are looking for in the application process other than a high GPA?
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  3. by   Jani78rn
    Hey there, I'm waiting, too...Just an FYI, as I am an alumni of this school (I was a CNL), the admissions department is NOTORIOUSLY slow, and they usually lose 1 or more of the application materials you send them...have you called to verify they have everything?

    Also, yes, they are competitive, and what makes it even worse is that they didn't have a Spring 2011 class for FNP, which means all those applicants would be lumped into the Fall2011 cohort, unless they got in somewhere else first. I hate waiting also! Sending good vibes to you!!!
  4. by   stevie22
    Thanks so much for your response! Have been hoping someone would comment. The first time I called the school to find out when they made decisions they told me they weren't sure (which I found to be odd), so I waited about 3 weeks, called back and they said they were aiming for late April. My status at this point says "committee ready" so I guess that means they didn't lose any of my paperwork, thank goodness. I was hopeful until I talked with a co-worker who was rejected and then saw the post from 2010 with all the rejections. I have a great GPA but I have held no leadership positions as a nurse in the 5 years I have been one so I'm worried that may work against me. I guess I will just have to wait and see and hope for the best. Just don't want to drag this schooling out any longer than I have to, it has been a long tough road doing all this schooling after kids and I'm ready to get this done! I wish you the best as well!
  5. by   ED_Nurse_in_the_Hood
    Not sure whether this is true or not, but the word on the street is that they accept only 10 people a year for the program. If we're talking about hundreds of applications, and we assume that many if not most of the applicants did well in nursing school, then the admission process essentially becomes a lottery. And nobody should feel any worse about themselves for not getting in.

    That said, it still sucks to wait for the final yes or no. I figured we'd hear by the end of March, but I guess not. Coppin State is another (inexpensive) local option.
  6. by   stevie22
    OMG!!! R u kidding me??? That's crazy...may as well assume the worst then! When I called the admissions office they saud they were aiming for late April on decisions.
  7. by   vickybabymama
    10 people? That doesn't seem very likely considering there are 900+ graduate students, but who knows! Anyone know anything about the Acute Care NP program?
  8. by   ED_Nurse_in_the_Hood
    This is what I heard from a co-worker who is one semester away from completing the program.
  9. by   Jani78rn
    I seriously doubt they only accept 10 people; How would they financially support the program? I don't doubt the competitiveness of the program and the school in general, but I think that there are likely more spots than that. Regardless, I completely agree with the notion that no one should beat themselves up for not getting in.....I applied to another very, very good school and got denied, investigated the reasoning behind it, and found out that this is the MOST competitive year for FNP apps that they can remember. If we as FNP applicants don't get accepted this time around, we can move forward, take graduate level classes, pick up some more volunteer work, and apply again. If this is your dream and your goal, do what it takes!!
  10. by   ED_Nurse_in_the_Hood
    Yes, everyone I've spoken with at FNP programs across the country says the same thing----they never imagined they'd ever see this many applications. I think it's because everyone wants to get started NOW, before the programs all switch to the DNP (rather than master's) degree. A lot of schools are making that switch next year. (Maryland is announcing its plans this June.)

    Some schools aren't taking ANY applicants for a while because they're so backed up. For example, the University of Pennsylvania (a top-ranked nursing school in Philadelphia) isn't taking applications for its FNP program until 2013. Yes, 2013. Check their website if you think I'm joking. The University of Cincinnati (which has an online FNP program) isn't taking applications for a year or so. And a friend of mine was accepted into the FNP program at Ball State in Indiana last Fall, but they told her she can't start until mid-2012.

    It's crazy just how popular the FNP programs are. I applied **last summer** to another top-ranked school in Baltimore for January admission but was told that they'd already filled the January class AND the May class (and May applications weren't supposed to be due for another seven months or so)!!! Around this time, that school changed its admission process from rolling admissions (apply any time and hear back within a month) to once-a-year admissions. It was just becoming too overwhelming to receive so many applications year 'round. Anyway, they kept my application and put it in the pile for the Fall. I'm on their wait list. : p

    Another factor that limits the number of people they can take is a serious shortage of nursing faculty. If more people were willing to teach, they could admit more applicants. But it pays a lot more to practice nursing than to teach it, and until that changes, this problem will persist.
  11. by   stevie22
    I spoke with admissions today from UMBC SON, they confirmed there are only roughly 10 seats available per MS specialty, so unless that lady didn't know what she was talking about it looks like that info is legit. SUCKS!!
  12. by   vickybabymama
    Wow, that is discouraging.
  13. by   dcfree
    This number is incorrect. The actual class sizes run about 30 people or so. I am currently in the program. There are part-time students adding to class totals so the admission number isn't likely 30, but I can't say for sure how many.

    I know that, when I applied, I had a 4.0 in my BSN, also had another undergraduate degree with a 4.0, and 3 publications as well as really good reference letters, and a thoughtful admission essay. It IS very competitive but, considering it is one of the top 7 FNP programs in the country, I am not surprised.

    In terms of FNP programs in MD, Hopkins has a program, UMB, Coppin State, Salisbury State, and Bowie State. There is also Catholic in D.C. and Uniformed Services University in Bethesda. I heard that Bowie has not had the same passing rate on the cert exam as the others in the past, not sure if that was the NP program, the RN program, or other, or if they've fixed the problem.

    I hope this helps.
  14. by   vickybabymama
    dcfree, do you know anything about the Trauma/ER/CC program? Is the class about the same size?