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  1. by   eml2142
    Hi all! I am currently a second semester junior. First semester is pretty intense, we usually had class Mon-Thurs and then during the semester you do have clinical for 4 weeks. I do work part time at a retail store. It's doable but hard, and I am fortunate that my management is flexible with my schedule. I don't necessarily recommend it, but it can happen. I know that Pathopharm is usually on Monday and Tuesday nights, Health Assessment is usually Monday mornings, Research is on Wends and then Intro to Nursing is on Wends or Thurs. You do have labs for Assessment and Intro to Nursing and those times vary throughout the week.

    Also at Shady Grove we have these wonderful sessions called GSS. They are basically review sessions every week for each class. I highly recommend going to them and they make sure that the GSS times do not interfere with class time. Also make sure you leave plenty of time to study because Pathopharm and Assessment are large amounts of information. Hope this helps!

    If you have any questions just let me know!
  2. by   SBW4RN
    Hi Thethumbs,

    I would like to know Shady Grove schedule. If it wouldn't bother too much of your time, can you please be more specific on the 1st semester class schedule? Kinda like the one that mhinds posted of Baltimore campus.
    Here's a sample schedule, the main big classes will be the same.
    Monday: 8am-11am and 11-1 and 2-4pm
    Tuesday: 8:30am- 11am
    Wednesday: 12pm-3pm
    Thursday: off
    Friday: 8:30am-3pm (patho lecture)
  3. by   bsnbear

    I was checking into the site and saw your question and figured I might be able to save thumbs a minute while I procrastinate from studying . I am a 2nd semester junior right now at shady grove (started school last spring). I am assuming your schedule will be fairly similar to ours, and i just looked on the registration site to see what schedule is looking like for spring - and it looks similar to our 1st semester - labs are not listed.

    in addition to the schedule listed below, you will find out your lab assignments at orientation. You will have a lab section for health assessment and intro to nursing
    I personally had lab on Tuesday 10-12 and thursday 1-3
    (in addition many students use the open schedule friday to attend open lab -- i often went on saturday)

    Note: 1st semester is the heaviest load of scheduled time on campus. 2nd semester is challenging but less structured schedule since focus is on clinicals and online class. I hear 3rd semester is apparently the busiest and most difficult to manage in terms of schedule. I am scared to think about last semester - trying to pass classes i have right now

    if you were wondering schedule in regards to working -- it can be done - i worked too much ~25hours/week, but had a very flexible supervisor.

    10am-1pm Health Assessment
    5-7:30pm patho

    5-7:30pm patho

    2-5 Research lecture
    10-1 Communication Module (only four weeks of the semester - actual 4 weeks are determined at start of semester)

    11-1 intro to nursing

    Friday: no class, but four fridays out of the semester spent in clinicals - anticipate full day between hours and commuting to location
  4. by   SBW4RN
    Thanks bsnbear! This is very helpful!!

    When you said "you will find out your lab assignments at orientation.", does it mean we'll get to choose our lab hours at orientation? Would there be many time slot option for lab?

    thanks again.
  5. by   sandi1743
    thank you for taking the time to answer so many of our questions - and i am now going to add 2 more to the long list of the ones already asked.

    1. "You will have a lab section for health assessment and intro to nursing
    I personally had lab on Tuesday 10-12 and thursday 1-3

    (in addition many students use the open schedule friday to attend open lab -- i often went on saturday)"
    Are the "Open lab" times open all the time for us to use?
    2. what kind of topics are covered in research lecture?
  6. by   xandra628

    I am planning to apply to the BSN program when my youngest starts kindergarten in fall 2013 and am wondering what the time commitment is like and how doable the program will be. i will have one in kindergarten, one in second grade. has anyone else done the BSN at shady grove with two young ones?