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Hi everyone! I created the BSN Fall 2013 topic, but I couldn't apply at that time due to family issues. So now I'm applying for Spring 2014! Anyone else applying? :]... Read More

  1. by   ccilia
    Thanks, mamaterp I did think of the prerequisite course list, just been getting really paranoid and anxious about things being exactly like they want, because I feel like they are judging me on every little thing. But that is just my paranoia...

    And Chelsea13, I totally forgot to call them today about the CPR certification since my schedule was so packed today with class and work from 8am till 4:45pm on three hours of sleep. Totally forgot until around 5:30, but I will for sure try to remember to call them on Monday and let you all know
  2. by   queserasera
    No worries Ccilia! I figured it'd be more efficient if just one of us called since I know they're bogged with applicants calling!
  3. by   Shamboroni
    I need to stop being so anti-social! It's been nice to read about other people in the same boat; we can all relate in one way or another when it comes to the admissions process and minor hang ups. We all know first hand what we did in the last year or two getting up to this point; passing up a night out, Saturday's in the books etc.. Personally, I finished up General Chem this summer on 7/31, went right into prepping for the TEAS which I took on 8/9, and spent the weeks after that putting the packet together. It is fun though, very exciting. I hope we all get to meet on campus this Spring. Word is, Pickle's pub is a great place to get to know each other haha.
  4. by   queserasera
    Sham, welcome back to the party! I say if we get in we definitely all celebrate at pickles after orientation
  5. by   sas94
    It seems like everyones application is "ready for review" except mine! I submitted my application on the 12th and all my supporting docs on the 13th. They've gotten everything, but the personal essay. Is this the case for anyone else?
  6. by   reesmee
    hey everyone!

    from reading posts from past semester applicants some people's status never went to "commitee ready", it remained "complete and ready for review" until final descisions we're made such as "provisional admit" and "admit" etc. so try not to stress!
  7. by   ccilia
    Hey, everyone!
    So I called UMSON Admissions today, questioning when we are supposed to get our CPR certification and such. They responded by saying that we just need the certification so that they last the whole time we are in school or something like that. In other words, we are supposed to get our CPR certification WITHIN three months prior from entering the school = October, November, December in our case. Hope this clarifies things up.
  8. by   queserasera
    Thanks so much Ccilia, takes some of the worry out of it. As I was looking to sign up for the CPR class I noticed many places dont offer the classes in Nov & Dec! Appreciate your efforts
  9. by   1hopefulChik
    Yeah- the Decision field is now 'Committee Ready' so that's a relief!

    My current CPR is good for another year but I'm taking it in Dec to keep things clean. If I miss the class for some reason, I'll still have time to take it in the spring. One less thing to worry about.

    Oh, the waiting! I'll make sure to check back and see how everyone's doing. Good fortunes to folks getting those CPR and pre-reqs out of the way!

    Keep your head up!
  10. by   schang03
    Mine changed to committee ready as well! Getting nervous I decided to take my CPR class after I learn the decision in November/December. Glad that I'm not in this alone
  11. by   queserasera
    I don't know the validity of this, however, I stopped by the UMSON transfer day table at my community college to talk to the reps. They said they may have answers for us as early at late october!
  12. by   Shamboroni
    Wahoo! I joke around and say that I wish I could hibernate like a bear until November, but life is about the ride, so scratch that.
  13. by   mamaterp
    Chelsea13 thats music to my ears!! I've got to make plans for daycare for my little one if/once I get in so even a few weeks early notice will be such a God-send!