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  1. by   sandi1743
    Quote from Student4_life
    1. "Thanks for the shout-out!"
    2. "and since I couldn't get a "get this grade and youre in" I made my own goal"
    3. "I am accepted but I haven't met my goal yet, but with a bit of luck I should by mid-May."
    4. "Anything above a 3.0 gets a look, the higher you get the better, but not necessarily the better your odds."
    1. welcome
    2. that is the best thing to do!
    3. congrats! i think that i'll be at orientation, if not i'll be on campus-I am the only Sandi in semester before you! come on up and introduce yourself to me (open to everyone here!) I think that it would be fair to say that i am pretty friendly!
    4.true., so true.