Towson University BSN Program FALL 2011

  1. Hello everyone! Just got accepted to Towson's BSN program in the Hagerstown campus for Fall 2011. Just wondering if anyone else was accepted to the program (Towson main or Hagerstown). Also, I haven't really heard anything about the Hagerstown campus. Is it any good since there are only 24 students in the program (meaning more teacher-student interaction)? I'd love to hear from you guys!
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  3. by   Student4_life
    Well no more worries about UMB for you.
  4. by   ksm84
    WOW congrats!! I'm sure that is a big weight off of your shoulders! I can't imagine how good you must feel. Sorry I don't know anything about the program, but I wanted to say congratulations. When was your app deadline for towson? I'm just curious how long it took them to get their letters out. So which one do you think you will go to if you get into umd as well?
    Either way that is awesome and you are one step closer to starting your career as a nurse! :-)
  5. by   kayroool
    Thank you! Actually, Towson will be my last option just in case I don't get into UMB.
  6. by   transferstudent
    Hi there, I am wait listed for Towson's BA program for Fall 2011. I also applied to CCBC's RN program, but I would much rather go to Towson because it is so close to home, and its a BA program. I am thankful for not getting completely rejected, however this means that I have to pay $300 to the regular university for registration just in case I get pulled off the wait list for the Nursing program. I am a "poor student", so the idea of paying $300 for nothing if I don't get into the program scares me, but I suppose I have to do it so I'm not kicking myself later if I do get into the program!
  7. by   valleygirl99
    I'm thinking about applying for the Spring 2012 semester. Please come back and post after you start and let me know how it's going.
  8. by   BCicalaRN
    hey there, I had two friends that attended the hagerstown campus for Towsons nursing program and they loved it! They said it was much for intimate learning and had a great relationship with their teachers. Good luck!