relocating to easton/cambridge area

  1. hi there, i am relocating from PA to MD, how do i go about transferring my current RN icense to maryland. Ive tried google searching it and was unable to find anything. i did try emailing someone with the maryland nursing board but the email came back saying they no longer existed or something. Thanks for your help


    Has or does anyone work for easton memorial or dorchester hospitals? Good experience, pay good? just trying to get an idea
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  3. by   fultzymom
    Here is the address and number to contact them. Call and ask them what you need to do to get your license transferred.

    4140 Patterson Avenue
    Baltimore, Maryland, 21215-2254

    Here also is a link to their web site:
  4. by   underpaidrn
    Go to and type in Maryland Board of Nursing. You'll come back with a ton of info. Best of luck to you.:spin:
  5. by   bill4745
    It can take months to get a license by endorsement from Maryland - I know because I live there.
  6. by   Jules A
    I believe Easton and Cambridge are the same company now. Last I checked the pay wasn't good compared to the other side of the bridge ie Balto or DC. On the plus side they offer good programs for new grads in specialities and its my opinon that the work ethic is a better than what I've seen in the larger urban hospitals in Balto. Since there is only one game in town I think people value their reputations more and work harder, just my two cents though. Welcome and good luck.