New RN endorsement license only good for 6 months

  1. I completed my application process for RN endorsement license and had to keep calling the MD BON because it was taking so long. When I went online today, I saw that my application for license was "active" and when I looked it up online, it said my license was issued on 2/2/17 and expires on 7/28/17. I have received nothing by mail. Why is it only good for this time? I did not apply for a temporary license. I will try calling the mdbon tomorrow, but you know how frustrating that is to get a hold of someone. Anyone know why this time period is so short.?
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    AFAIK, every state does something like this. Every state has some kind of system for renewal of licenses designed to spread out license renewals more or less evenly over the year, typically one based on the individual nurse's birthday (e.g., your license expires on the last day of your birth month). You apply for licensure, as a new grad applying by examination or as someone applying for licensure by endorsement from another state, at whatever point during the year suits your needs. The state issues your initial license as soon as possible after you apply, and the initial license has an expiration date that will fit you into the state's ongoing renewal system (i.e., only good until your next birthday month). First licenses are typically only valid for some weird, random amount of time.

    Years ago, I moved to attend graduate school. I applied for licensure in the new state as soon as I heard I was accepted to the school. (months in advance of starting school). I moved to the new state during the summer before school started, having not yet gotten my license. The BON didn't get around to issuing my license until August (I had been hoping to already be working prn somewhere during the summer, but wasn't able to do that without a license ...) and my birthday is in September, so, when my license finally arrived, it was only good until the end of the following month, so I had to immediately turn around and apply for renewal.

    Once you renew your license in July, you'll get a license that is good for the full two years (or however long licenses are good for in MD).
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    Thank you so much for your response! That makes sense since my birthday is 7/31 and the expiration date they gave me is 7/28. I am so glad to have found allnurses. I called the MD BON and , of course, was told someone would get back to me, and I know they won't. Thanks again.
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    Each state handles it differently. In Ky all nursing licenses expire on Oct 31 of the year regardless of when they were issued. Fortunately, when I applied for my license by endorcement it was issued in November so I had 11 months until renewal. If I had applied earlier I would have only had a few months until expiration. Some states have different months for LPN and RN renewals in order not to have them all due in the same month. Somes states, like previously stated, use your birth month to spread out renewals.
  6. by   janisporto
    Do I need to have continuing education hours in order to renew this license that is basically only for 5 months?
  7. by   Flames9_RN
    no CE requirement for MD

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