New Grad RN and Cannot Find employment

  1. Hello everyone;

    I have had my Licence for almost six months now and have not been able to find employment. I was wondering if anyone is experiencing the same thing. I graduated in 2007, but passed the nclex, late January, none of the hospitals are hiring. Some of the nurse recruits said they have contracted with the school and are taking most of their the New grads in my area. Aslo, most of hospitals, nursing homes, and nursing Agenc, everywhere I go, they are asking for experienced nurses. It can be very frustrating sometimes. It seems like it took me forever to pass the NCLEX and now I can't find a job. arrggghhhh...

    If you are experiencing similar situations, please share your thoughts with me. Thanks.
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  3. by   mjohnson8436RN
    I have been searchiong for a job since feburary and I have not had any luck yet. I have applied to every hospital in Dc, VA and MD and I have not even recieved a call back. Hopefully I will get something in the near future. This is a hard time for new graduates who did not work in the hospital as a tech.
  4. by   skyblue77
    Union Memorial is hiring in the Cardiac Evaluation Unit for night shift and they specifically say new grads are welcome. I'm doing an extern on that unit this summer. Good luck.
  5. by   caribbeanbeauty
    Oh!. Thank you, Thank you..Going and apply right now...
  6. by   chaxanmom
    I'm graduating in December and about to start dropping resumes in the next month or so. I'm not sure what the situation will be for me. I've been an LPN for 11 years but only worked for about a year (LTC) and then I stayed home with my kids. I didn't get a tech job *however* I got a research internship at NIH which is extremely competitive (they only take about 20% of applicants). Much much more than getting a tech job. I'm wondering how that will come into play.

    I think if I have a hard time finding a job then I'll maybe do a medical missions trip in the winter after graduation and do another research internship next summer. Who knows. I'm trying to look at this economy as an opportunity to think outside the box. :/
  7. by   SiennaGreen
    I think that is wise-the outside box thinking. I won't graduate for another 3 semesters, but I was thinking how to get some experiance when I can't find a tech job for the life of me. Missions work and nother volunteer programs were something I was looking into also. Anything to keep your skills up, although a little moolah wouldn't hurt
  8. by   Daria88
    In my experience, a lot of area hospitals are not posting new grad jobs. That doesn't mean that they don't exist, you need to contact the nurse recruiters personally and express interest in interviewing, having a share day, etc.
    I know for a fact that Planned Parenthood of MD, JHH, Kennedy Kreiger, UMMS, Harbor, WHC, and Union Memorial are hiring. Also, the Anne Arundel County School system is hiring for RNs.
    Good luck!
  9. by   akmegs2
    St Joe's, Maryland General, Holy Cross, Howard County General and Children's National Medical Center are also hiring. I've found that since I don't have medical experience aside from nursing school, applying online is not enough. You have to call the recruiter directly. I got interviews at HCGH and St Joe's after one phone call, but it may take more than that. Be persistent! You will find a job even if it may not be in the area you are most interested in so be open to whatever comes your way.
  10. by   lynette.johnson
    I am in the same boat, athough I did work for 8 months in LTC. This sucks!!! But, has alto of listings for new grad programs throughout the country. You can also try and All good sites, and I'm sure there are more out there. My question is how and where do you get nurse recruiter's phone numbers? I find that most jobs or hospitals don't list them.
  11. by   akmegs2
    Hi Lynette,

    You can get in touch with the recruiters by calling the main hospital number and asking to be transferred to HR or to the nurse recruiter directly if their number is not listed on the website.

    Hope this helps! Good luck!
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  13. by   koala_bear
    bwmc and harbor hospital are hiring.
  14. by   tinediddy
    Hi. Can someone help me please. What are the "tech jobs" that some people are talking about? How do I look up those jobs? Is there another name for them?