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Greetings! I wanted to start a thread for anyone who has applied into Montgomery College's Fall '12 Nursing program. I am applying after my second attempt on the TEAS which will be on Tuesday, March... Read More

  1. by   drea588
    tempbesty313- the teas study guide is what helped me the most along with the practice tests. The science material is what you learn in chem,bio and A&P, so without taking those classes and having that experience, it'll be a bit tough. The book has all that material and for a good science grade, i suggest studying the information in there. Also, with reading and english, go back to the basics or see an english teacher and have them point out what it is the question is asking you. Breaking it down to the basics and getting reoriented to that will really REALLY help! math you did really well in, so just brush up on your science and english/reading! Good luck!

    dais21- congrats on going into nursing! Honestly, take everything you can before applying. en101 and bi107 are the only prereqs where the others are priority, but they place you into groups, and those who have all the priorities complete are basically in. Having your prereqs AND priority courses done not only will help you get in, but it so important to have that knowledge before starting the first semester and doing NU110. Everything you learn in A&P is needed. I also could not imagine also having the extra classes to take with the nursing courses. On top of that, you can't really plan out your schedule in advance with the nursing program, so its safe just to have it all out of the way. I really only used the teas study guide available with the practice tests and it was the most useful because it teaches you exactly what you need for their exam. All the others aren't geared towards the teas so you're really studying a lot of information that may be unnecessary. Good luck!

    sorry its taken someone so long to get on here and give you guys some answers, but the first semester kept us all pretty busy! best of luck!
  2. by   drea588
    Ebbi- the program is wonderful, but it is a lot of work, but doable. Stay organized. NU105- you have a couple written assignments and a group project, but i think they are doing away with that group project. Then NU121, you learn a head to toe assessment, each class focuses on a different system. There are quizzes for the reading material and databases to fill out based on the data collected during the assessment. Then NU110, large lecture. its long and ugh, sometimes not interesting... all the professors makes slides based on the chapters and every three weeks theres an exam. the final is cumulative. You also have have a written assignment, concept map (start early on this!) and other stuff. You also then have the lab part to 110 which is your clinical, and there are a few on campus clinical days where you have online tutorials to complete prior and put some stuff to practice. In all these classes, EVERY POINT COUNTS! every fraction of a point counts. They do not round up, so if you're at 74.99, you get a D, and have to repeat the course. If you're at 79.99, you still have a C, and so on. So, start off strong!
  3. by   Ebbi
    Thanks for the info Drea588!! They gave us quite a few chapters to read before the first day of class so I purchased my books yesterday and have started to read. I am a chronic procrastinator atleast I have been in the past so I am trying hard to break bad habits. I took Pathophysiology this semester as an A&P review because my A&Ps are about 7yrs old, and I got an A. I will be doing my best to stay op top if everything and remain organized. My mom is retiring on Dec. 31, so she will be a great help with my 2 children. I currently work 3 days a week part time as a medical assistant but I'm hoping to find something maybe hospital based I can do on weekends only to help alleviate some time during the school week. I was disappointed this past week because the clinical sight I picked on a Friday was changed and I now have clinical on Tuesday one of my scheduled work days... Anyhow, hope you had a great semester. Happy holidays.
  4. by   kellydenise
    I was wondering if anyone from the Fall 2012 program could help me out. I literally have EVERY single non-nursing course done besides EN102, which I am taking at the moment. I went to the information session today pretty confident that I wouldn't have an issue getting accepted into the Fall 2013 program. At the information session they said that for Spring sessions that I would most likely 100% get in with 3 out of the 4 priority classes completed, but because Fall has more applicants, I have a much less likelihood of being excepted.

    I came home really discouraged. I REALLY REALLY want to be able to start in the Fall and not have to wait until the following spring to start nursing classes. I am even taking pathophysiology right now so I wont even have anything to take during the fall to pass the time and I feel like it will be such a waste. I have a 3.2 GPA and got 90% on the reading section of the TEAS (which I know others have problems with), but I guess none of that matters if they don't even get to my applications because I don't have all four priority classes done. (I am taking EN109 at the moment to finish off the priority classes, but they tell me that will not count because it finishes a few weeks after applications are due)

    Long story short, my question is, did any of you get into the Fall program with only have 3 of the 4 priority classes. Any opinions on my chances of getting in for Fall 2013?

    Thanks for any help,

  5. by   drea588
    Ebbi- congrats on starting your classes, hope they are going well thus far! Study hard for that first exam and get off on the right foot, alot of people underestimated the exam and ended up not doing well and had to play catch up on the points.

    kellydenise, apply! you have the more important priorities out of the way, so you totally have good odds. I know a few people who have to take the EN102 EN109 requirement, and got in. Good luck!
  6. by   ambz13
    I'm also applying to mc for fall 2013! It sounds like you're in good shape despite the outstanding en 102. It seems like if you were to have any priority coursed incomplete that that one would be your best bet for still getting in. If you have good teas scores I wouldn't worry so much.

    Does anyone know the average teas scores for accepted students (or all applicants)? I feel pretty confident about getting in for fall since I've finished everything and my scores are good. I want to get into maryland but its so competitive so mc is my plan B.
  7. by   kli4
    Hi Everyone,

    I just apply to MC Nursing Program for Fall 2013. I would like to know if is there anyone who get accepted with less than a minimum required TEAS score? I have EN101, EN102, MICRO, API and APII, MAth... Good GPA 3.5. The only thing is my TEAS score, less than the minimum

  8. by   kellydenise
    As far as I know GPA and TEAS score are the things that are not flexible. However, I think I remember an email going out that they lowered the minimum TEAS requirements again. Just looked it up and the total score has been changed to 66% and reading to 70%. Hope that helps you.


  9. by   drea588
    So I have made it through Montgomery College's Nursing Program. Good luck to those who are looking into MC. They've changed a lot of the program recently, including the textbooks so hopefully there are newer threads going that will be of assistance to future students. Again, Good Luck!
  10. by   Em843
    Hi drea588. I applied to MC for the fall. Could you let me know what the job prospects are like for you and your classmates? I would love to go to MC, but I'm worried about not being able to land a job after graduating.

  11. by   adisej1
    Hi can some of the MC Nursing Alumni give some advice on my link? Please!
  12. by   drea588
    Em843- from those who I'm closest with through the program its 50/50 on who's landed a job. There seems to be quite a few who are starting over the next few weeks from the program overall. MC offers qualified students the chance to do a student immersion program with Holy Cross, a great way to get in the door, but it doesn't seem like you are guaranteed a position once you complete the program. Try and make connections while in clinical so that when you finish the program you have someone to reach out to for employment. good luck!