MD Hospitals paying for Nursing Education.

  1. Does anyone know of hospitals in Maryland that will pay for your nursing education if you agree to work for them after graduation? Hope to hear from someone soon. Thanks.
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  3. by   Nutmeg5575
    I know that in the DC metro area they do. You have to be a senior and apply for a "scholorship." Basically for each year you work for them they will pay for so much of your student loan. For instance I believe that Georgetown pays 10k per year. Most range around 5k per year. Some require a two year commitment. You basically need to call all the hospitals you are interested in, speak to human resources, ask for the nurse recruiter. Ask her/him if they have scholorships for last year students and if they will pay your loans for time served. Each hospital is different so make sure you call around and get all the information. Another thing too is some hospitals will actually let you apply in the area of work (ER, NICU, etc) you choose and some don't so be careful.

    Hope that helps.
  4. by   princess_emef
    thanks for the help. i really appreciate it.
  5. by   rnwendy23
    BWMC (formerly North Arundel Hospital) in Anne Arundel County, Glen Burnie pays for your nursing education and then you must work for them for like 2 yrs as an RN to repay them back. Then you are free to go somewhere else if you so desire. I'm doing this with them right now.