MBON aggravation AURGH!!!

  1. I applied for my CNA back on Jan 17th. I had to hand in my transcripts, application, 2X2 picture, and background fingerprint paperwork.

    I paid the $20 for the CNA and $62 when I had my fingerprints done. I handed in everything together and was given a 60 day temp. lisence while they processed everything.

    Well first they tried to tell me they didn't have my fingerprint background information....and so I had to show them proof AGAIN that I handed it in...which should be obvious because you can't GET the 60 day temp license w/ out showing proof you completed it in the first place.

    NOW they say they found my fingerprint stuff but can't find my application.


    Trying to get a hold of a SINGLE person there who knows what they are talking about it what is driving me crazy. They keep shuffling me around to other people...each one of which can't seem to figure out where my stuff went. My 60 day temp. lisence expires 3/17 so I have time for that...but this is driving me insane. It seems every day another person tells me ANOTHER story.

    Has anyone else experienced anything like this with MBON?
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  3. by   Jules A
    Not to justify it but I think the background check thing is pretty new so they could be having issues with that in general. Hang in there, Jules
  4. by   gitterbug
    I hope you get this problem solved soon. Most BON's can give you a rash.