Maryland Hospital hiring ADN New grads?!

  1. Hello everyone! I'm halfway through my ADN program and I'm worried about finding a job in a large hospital upon graduation. Have any other ADN grads had trouble finding a job after graduation?
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  3. by   kingvonnBSN2017
    I'm not too sure if this is considered large, but a friend of mine just accepted an RN position at Mercy Medical Center and she's a new grad with an ADN. It is a magnet hospital though, so they require you obtain your BSN (not too sure the time period).
  4. by   Nurseplease
    Ok that sounds good! I was just wondering if any city or suburban area hospitals were still hiring adn nurses, especially as we get closer to 2020.
  5. by   marteemar
    More than likely you will find employment. I hope in one of your courses, you all will complete a project about career planning, we did the semester before last and it was extremely helpful. Be open to where you apply as well.
  6. by   browneyedgirl21
    I had one interview and I just graduated from an ADN program. I would definitely recommend working at a hospital as a patient tech .
  7. by   Nurseplease
    Thanks! I just started a tech position this month. Do you think tech experience helps prepare you for a nursing role?
  8. by   RNBaltimore0127
    I got a job with my ADN within a month after passing the NCLEX. I was offered two positions - one at at St. Agnes ER and another at sheppard pratt psychiatric facility. I chose St. Agnes ER and I'm still there and enjoy it.