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I 've already applied to Umaryland (BSN program) and i have a GPA of 3.0. I am currently taking micro which im getting an A. This would raise my GPA to 3.05 . I had a B in A&P 1,C in A&P2,C in chem... Read More

  1. by   shamus
    eri has a practice test you could take for about 10 bucs I think. I would advise you to purchase the review book. The math is pretty basic, I only got the .01 X .01 one wrong. I had a mental lapse for some reason. The reading comprehension was the tougher portion, I finished just at the bell.
  2. by   MZTwin

    There is more general math on the NET. The algebra part came at the end of the math. It was just basic algebra, like what you posted. In fact, for me the algebra was the easiest and the fraction/percent/decimal conversion stuff took me longer. They will ask stuff like "7 3/4 is 25% of what number" or "Convert 128/25 to a decimal" Definitely the hardest part is the first 2 sections (MATH and then Science Reading Comprehension). As the test progresses you get more breathing room, as far as time, to answer the questions. As I said it's not necessarily "hard" but the time definitely made it stressful and like a race.

    As far as your recommendation letters go, I would go ahead and submit the personal reference in addition to the academic ones. They will accept more than the two required and read them all. But don't submit too many. Amanda said to make sure to pick people who will sing your praises.

  3. by   lonestar88
    i honestly don't think anyone should waste extra money to buy the study guide for the exam. it's not as bad as everyone initially thinks. I just used the free study guide UMB recommends

    and the math and reading questions are EXACTLY the same format. I found a lot of the math questions being almost identical. Also, it noted that there will be 60 questions for the math portion... our answer sheets had room for 60 but there were only 30 questions all together.
  4. by   Bee76
    Hi everybody,
    I don't post on here too much, but I just got my acceptance letter from UMD-baltimore for fall 08 today ! I logged on hoping to find some info about their program and I noticed this thread. I have about a 3.68 GPA overall I believe. I had to transfer last fall because my hubby is in the army and we got stationed in MD, and I enrolled in AACC. Anyhow, when I attempted to combine the GPA from my first school and the semester at AACC 3.68 is what I came up with. I have a 3.5 science gpa, and I got a composite score of 84% on the NET. The reading bought the score down because I got a 93 on the math, which surprised me because it's not my best subject, and I got a 75 on the reading comp. I let myself get hung up on 1 question and ran out of time, big mistake. I ended up having to guess on the last 6 questions.

    I didn't think I had much of a chance because I have also heard that the only people who get in have 4.0's, and I did o.k. on the NET but I knew I could have done better, but I didn't have time to retake it before the deadline. I'm not sure I would have gone through all that again for a few more points anyway. I did work hard on my essay and maybe that's what did it for me, or maybe I just got lucky and applied with a group that didn't have many 4.0's in it.

    At the information session I attended in January they did say they were trying to move away from strictly going for the highest gpa and instead were trying to look at the whole application and gpa was just one part of it. I didn't really believe it at the time though lol. I just figured I'd apply and see what happens.

    UMD was my first choice so I'm very excited, and I still can't believe it.
    chlRN2b2010, I applied to AACC's program too. I don't know when they make their decision's, but I'm anxious to hear from them too.
  5. by   clhRN2b2010
    Congrat's! AACC should be making decisions soon after Spring grades are in. Their orientation is scheduled for June 13th, so I would guess by the end of May?

    It's great to hear your story. I am glad to hear that they may be looking at the whole package now. I was impressed with JHU for that very reason but just couldn't go there financially.
  6. by   lonestar88
    I GOT INNNN!!!!
    I've been checking online everyday for the past 2 weeks! IT'S ABOUT TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY! UMB's 2010 =)
  7. by   clhRN2b2010
    Awesome! Now you can enjoy your summer!
  8. by   clhRN2b2010
    To anyone on this thread...

    Can anyone tell me about clinical days at UMB? How many days in each semester and what were the hours you were at clinical? Also, where were they? Primarily Baltimore or did some of you get more rural/suburban assignments? Did they try to match you up individually based on your interests and strengths or was it completely random?

    Thanks a lot. I am planning on attending the info session in a couple weeks but anything I can get ahead of time would be helpful in my decisions making process.
  9. by   MZTwin

    Since I don't start until the Fall I don't have firsthand experience about the clinical schedule. However, I did look at the Fall 08 lecture schedule and the fall 07 clinical schedule to get an idea of what to expect. The link below will take you to the class schedules at UMB's website. Hope it helps
  10. by   clhRN2b2010
    I've seen that, and unfortunately it still leaves me perplexed. Either the class #'s don't align or I don't see much clinical at all the first year. Where is the adult health clinical?

    I was given a schedule from AACC that stated starting week 9 of each semester, Wed and Thur are clinical days and be prepared to be at your clinical site from 8-4. I know that the clinical hours are supposed to be the same for each program, but I don't see it.

    This might be a question to cover at the info session. Thanks for trying! I would still like to hear from current or past students re: their experience.
  11. by   MZTwin
    For the first year there isn't much clinical, as opposed to CCBC who starts clinicals right away. Although I haven't started yet I know people in the program. When I just went to the Fall 07 pdf. I found a clinical day under NURS330 (Adult Health). The hours where Mondays, 2:00-4:50pm. Granted, they may change, But I don't think they vary too much. In the third semester I saw clinicals for three of the classes. In fact, a comment that a friend of mine in the program said was that those last two semesters are insane because of the class/clinical schedule (i.e a large class+clinical load).
  12. by   clhRN2b2010
    I saw that too, but I can't believe that a med surg (adult health) clinical would only be 3 hrs a week. I think that is the time frame for the lecture for 330. If you notice the other classes such as 403 they break out clinicals and the times are listed as 7:00am to 4:00pm. That sounds more reasonable, but again doesn't look like much happening to first year. I see other posts about clinicals being all day affairs for each care component. i.e. maternal/child, adult health, psych, et cet.

    Anyway, I'm sure you will get more detailed information during registration and I'll ask a bunch of questions next week. I'll post whatever I find out.
  13. by   aHolisticStudent
    Quote from clhRN2b2010
    Can anyone tell me about clinical days at UMB? How many days in each semester and what were the hours you were at clinical? Also, where were they? Primarily Baltimore or did some of you get more rural/suburban assignments? Did they try to match you up individually based on your interests and strengths or was it completely random?
    Clinical days aren't set. There are slots made available at the beginning of the semester and the registration is done online. It's basically first in wins. Most of the favored spots (i.e. those close to campus or where most people live) are full ~2 minutes after registration opens. After that the spots go further afield based on what the professors were able to negotiate with different units at different hospitals. So once the list is made available you choose your top 10-12 sites you'd be willing to work on and then wait until the service opens at 6 AM at which point you submit your whole list and if you're lucky you get one of your top choices.

    Regarding days and hours of clinicals. During the first semester you have 2 clinical .5 days (6:30 AM - 1 or 2 PM) followed up by lunch and a post-mortem. Second semester is all about adult health. I'm trying to remember if it is 180 or 200 hours but it's somewhere in that range. 2 days a week and the available courses are split into a long Monday and a partial Friday. That way all the clinical sites commit to either T/W or W/Th schedules. Start time is the same as first semester, but you put in full days instead of partials.

    HTH, best of luck.