Calling All Coppin STUDENTS!

  1. Hey guys,
    I dont see many Coppin State University threads around. I wanted to know the opinion of students currently enrolled in the program both old and new. I'm currently enrolled in the new program (class 2014) and a lot of my class is struggling due to changes made this year. Previous coppin students please tell us your opinions and experiences as a grad. I would love to hear the responses!!!!!
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  3. by   williams3929
    Not a grad but in the old program class of 2014 too... I dont know how your program is working but we are struggling as well... I do agree that there are not a lot of coppin nurses on here too so if you want to know anything feel free to message me.... maybe we can help each other out and make it through this semester in one piece w/ all faculties intact....
  4. by   jenawade25
    I'm glad to be graduating from Coppin in December. The program doesn't get easier. The disorganization gets worse by the semester. Get ready to work hard.
  5. by   williams3929
    Seriously....It gets worse than this.... lol congrats on getting out of here. I am barely holding on as it is... and honestly now that the new program is in it sucks for us in the old program. It really seems as though the new program is better put together and organized than the old one
  6. by   jenawade25
    Yes, unfortunately it gets worse. I think the new program is designed to get students through it in 2-3 years, which is good. I just don't know how long it's going to last because the instructors are complaining about the new program.
  7. by   williams3929
    That's very true I have been in for a year and a half and the new program started last semester and they graduate the same time we do...I have also heard the teachers gripe about the program... Sorry but I have to ask do you have any advice on studying for patho 1...I have bell-Hawkins and am really having a hard time I am in the old program

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  8. by   jenawade25
    I sent you a pm.
  9. by   tinasky2005
    I can believe it
  10. by   tinasky2005
    Im currently in the new program and scheduled to graduate in 2014. Students are complaining soo much about this falls course work its crazy. I know for sure that at least half the class is failing
  11. by   tinasky2005
    Cant help too much there. Im currently in the new program which the teachers are complaining about lol. BTW I took patho over the summer with Dr. Murray. It was the class from Hell. But i passed with a B. I have Bell-Hawkins for pharm but am barely passing. Most students are complaining about her also in the new program for patho. Best advice is to read. Write notes and read the notes. Get study aids like the Patho made easy. And do evolve.
  12. by   williams3929
    We have a lot failing far as the complaining from the instructors...don't know what too say...I feel sorry for bell Hawkins she is a sweet lady but I think they stretched her too much with all these classes...our patho is mixed with pharm... The new class have 2 seperate all are on a different part than us and ours is split in 2 so she have too keep up with 2 same classes on different subjects...what else are they complaining about?

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  13. by   williams3929
    She can be a lot frazzled at times I find it funny...I spend most of class studying for the next test anyway

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  14. by   darmor11
    Hello Everyone,

    You all are scaring me. I am thinking about applying to the nursing program at Coppin for Fall 2013. I am hearing mixed comments about the program and now I am totally confused. What is the difference between the old and new program? (if you don't mind me asking).