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Maryland Hospital hiring ADN New grads?!

Hello everyone! I'm halfway through my ADN program and I'm worried about finding a job in a large hospital upon graduation. Have any other ADN grads had trouble finding a job after graduation?

kingvonnBSN2017 specializes in Adult Psychiatry, Correctional/Forensic Psychiatry.

I'm not too sure if this is considered large, but a friend of mine just accepted an RN position at Mercy Medical Center and she's a new grad with an ADN. It is a magnet hospital though, so they require you obtain your BSN (not too sure the time period).

Ok that sounds good! I was just wondering if any city or suburban area hospitals were still hiring adn nurses, especially as we get closer to 2020.

More than likely you will find employment. I hope in one of your courses, you all will complete a project about career planning, we did the semester before last and it was extremely helpful. Be open to where you apply as well.

I had one interview and I just graduated from an ADN program. I would definitely recommend working at a hospital as a patient tech .

Thanks! I just started a tech position this month. Do you think tech experience helps prepare you for a nursing role?

I got a job with my ADN within a month after passing the NCLEX. I was offered two positions - one at at St. Agnes ER and another at sheppard pratt psychiatric facility. I chose St. Agnes ER and I'm still there and enjoy it.

Hi! Are you still at the tech position? Has this experience helped you prepare for a nursing role?

I graduated in may with my ADN and I'm currently working in a new grad Rn position. But I definitely feel like working as a tech prepared me sooo much. I was able to apply the nursing school concepts as a tech more than I was at clinicals and become much more comfortable with patient care.

Tech positions definitely help you land jobs. I did so, and although I was in a BSN program myself, I worked alongside many ADN students and graduates. ADN graduates always get hired - and often have a much more practical preparation for being a nurse. Do this if you can!

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My community hospital is hiring ADNs but expect you to enroll into BSN within 24 months after hire I believe. Also, it just became part of Christiana Care Health Network which is a magnet hospital.


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