Mary Baldwin University (MBU) CRNA 2024

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Hi! I didn't see a thread for Mary Baldwin 2024 so thought I would start one! 

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Thanks! Following! Good luck to all. And let us know if you hear anything!

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They got information out early last year so ?

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I applied as well and patiently waiting. 

Hoping to hear soon! Good luck to everyone. 

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Applied on 12/15 

Does anyone know when we should hear by? 

How did you guys do on the Casper? Do you think it has a lot of weight in getting in? Does anyone know if they will only take 25 students still this year?

I scored in the 4th percentile. They said it weights a lot but I'm sure there is other factors too. So IDK if I'd put to much pressure on it 

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I scored 4th quartile. But I'm also not sure how much weight they place on it since it's the first year using Casper 

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How long did it take you to get your Casper results?

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futurecrnasla said:

How long did it take you to get your Casper results?

I took mine 11/14 and got the results 12/12

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