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I'm just entering the nursing field and wanted to know if someone could explain what MARS and PCMP's are.

Thanks for your help!

MARS are medication administration records--the document that lists all the meds the patient is on-- name, dose, route to be given, frequency,etc and where the nurse signs off when it is given.

PCMS--not sure of that one-- never heard of it....I could take a guess but....lol could be some kind of care map.... oh and you will also see "TARS" same as the MARS but for treatments not medications--ie dressings, PICC flush, etc.


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An MAR is a medication administration record. It looks like PCMP has multiple meanings depending on where you see it written. One seems to be physician case management program, which has to do with Medicaid reimbursement.

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Not sure about the PCMP. Are you sure that is correct?

Thanks so much for your help! Yes...I double checked and it did say PCMP's. I'll have to ask when I go into work again. Have a good night! :)

EricJRN: I'm interviewing for a PCA position in the NICU (I noticed this is your area of specialty)....any advice and insight of what it's like working in this area and helpful tips would be greatly appreciated. Thx.