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Marijuana Legal?

I hope this is not to controversial, but I am curious to know how the legalization of Marijauana is going to affect these probationary programs? I am in the state of Nevada and am so upset about the legalization. I'm so confused how this could of happened, considering what is going on in Denver. It won't affect my program but I was just curious how the boards would consider this. Crazy!

What's going on in Denver? Aside from the housing market going way up, I thought the city was doing great. Anyhow, at least in term's of California, I don't imagine much will change. Possession of less than an ounce was already just a citation, and I don't think you had to report it to the BON, I could be wrong. Most of the people that get caught up with the BON on marijuana charges in my group were either people that failed pre-employment drug tests or reasonable suspicion drug tests on the job. These rules would still apply as most employers go by federal drug laws when instituting policies.

As far as the actual monitoring programs go, I don't imagine anything will change. If we can't drink, the BON definitely isn't going to let us light one up because of state legalization.

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I don't think it will change anything in California because the state, and the BON are primarily interested in whether or not a nurse is impaired on the job and jeopardizing patient safety.

Alcohol, opiates, and benzodiazepines are legal when prescribed in accordance with the law, as well.

In my monitoring program we're told we can't use any "mind altering drugs" which includes marijuana. The ONLY way around this would be a script from your Dr. but even then it's probably a no-go since 1) in my contract, even if I have a script for something like that, we can't work within 24 hours of consuming said drug, and 2) it's still illegal at a federal level

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Shouldn't have any effect on the programs rules- no mind altering substances of

any kind even if its legal and even if its prescribed. My program will give you 2-3 months to get off of anything you've been prescribed that's against the rules. No tolerance policy they do not care. You cannot have anything. Even some

OtC meds are off limits like Benadryl.


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