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I just wanted to share my nclex experience with other people going through the same thing sorry if its too long but if you have time maybe this can also help you. I took my nclex on the 31st of January after coming out of the exam I was so sick because the questions were so hard. I waited 48 hrs for the quick results when I got them it said Fail. I was heartbroken because I had spent weeks studying, I felt like a loser, and it seemed like most of my classmates were passing and I wonder what had gone wrong with me. The day that I found out I think I spent an hour crying in the shower. I decided to take two weeks off before restudying again. I waited for 45 days to retake my test again and I took it on March 24th and passed with 262 questions It took me 6 hrs to take the test.

This second time I changed my methods of studying I still used the same material that I used but I did a lot of practice questions. I used

  • Hurst Review
  • Saunders Nclex Comprehensive review 5th edition (CD QUESTIONS)
  • ATI questions

  1. I did Hurst review I listened to all the content material
  2. After I had done the Hurst review I did the ATI comprehensive test to see were I was ( my school purchased this program for us)
  3. After the comprehensive test I used the Saunders CD to review the maternal questions I did all the antepartum, intrapartum, and postpartum
  4. I also used Saunders to practice IV therapy questions, and infection control questions
  5. As for the pharmacology, leadership, mental health, and pediatrics I used the ATI practice questions. answering these questions helped me a lot I did the 2013 A and B version
  6. After using the ATI ans Saunders review I went ahead and started utilizing my 5th day material from husrt review. they have an NCLEX STRATEGY QUESTIONS video which goes along with the book which contains 66 they help you find the stem of the question and how to break down the questions which is very helpful.
  7. then the Hurst review has 6 practice test online each test contains 125 questions after your done taking the test it gives you the rationals and your scores

I hope the information was not too overwhelming but this is how I studied for my test the second time and it helps to practice!!! practice!!! do more questions and make sure you know your content and understand the rationales.

  • I used to study for about 5 to 6 hrs a day taking breaks
  • at night before going to bed I would watch a TV show to relax I watched a lot of vampire diaries :)
  • and just have confidence in yourself before you walk into the testing center just tell yourself that you will walk in as a graduate nurse and walk out as an RN
  • and do something to distract yourself until you get your results

If you fail don't worry about what people will say cause if you do you will always be a prisoner of peoples thoughts. Failing just makes you a better person because your more determined

Brian GM

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Thanks for the post... I'm taking my NCLEX on the 25th for the 2nd time.

What were your scores on the Hurst exams?


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They ranged from 82-86, I think doing the strategy questions helped me a lot I was able to see the stem. You will do awesome stay positive, and rest well. Let me know how it goes


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Nice post. Thanks for sharing your experience with all of us. I would say patience, concentration and practice is the key to success for this profession. All the best to all the candidates taking NCLEX this year.


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Congrats! So happy for you and thank you for sharing!


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That's wonderful! I have a lot of respect now more than ever for nursing, as I am also going into nursing program.


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yes nursing is tough but the only way to survive is to stay positive and believe in yourself. there really is no book that can say I am the answer to all your nclex problems. but I highly recommend Hurst review if you don't understand some of the content and saunders for practice. One thing I also did I made note cards for all my labs I would read them before I studied and I would read them again before bed.


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akagee any hint about pediatrics and maternity please as i am using hurst as well.after i finsh each chapter i go t saunder and do qusetion on that topic can you please guide me about pediatrics and maternity thank you


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I did the same thing you did. I listened to hurst review from maternal then I did all the questions in saunders the atepaturm, intrapaturm and postpaturm, but whenever I did the questions I would right down information from the test like things I knew I would forget or things that I did not understand like you know if a questions asks what are the classic signs of preeclampsia. I would right the question down and the answers.righting down things helps me remember. For Pediatrics I used the ATI questions am not sure if you have it the saunders has some questions but it was just too much maybe you can focus on the material you don't understand like the cardio and gastrointestinal. Hope this helps


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thank you akage what about lipincot questions book for pediatrics and maternity


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I didnt use that but I used the Lippincotts NCLEX-RN Alternative- Format Questions fifth edition. it has all sections from fundamentals to mental health but I just browsed through it. you can use it if you want to practice alternative questions


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Did you take any of the 2013 RN ATI test like Pharm Med Surg Leadership Can you email me my log in is acting up [email protected]

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