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hi there! you mentioned that you had the memory book for nclex 5th edition. may i ask how many practice questions on that book? i have saunders which i like it so far & thinking to buy 1 more book at least just to practice more questions.

thank you

suzanne4, RN

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You should do just fine with Saunders if you use it properly.... :)


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I will look tomorrow and tell you. I want to say 500 questions plus a CD. They have really great charts in there that I just love. I think it's good to have more than one nclex book to look at.

Another good book, not nclex, but an excellent reference book is Medical Surgical Recall.

This book is in a question answer style. It is a very, very good book. I have recommended it to several people and they were glad they bought it.



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here is a better description of the book. I rely on this book to give me answers to questions. Sometimes it's hard to find information but this book has right at your fingertips. You can even quiz yourself, or have someone else that has no clue about nursing quiz you. I can scan a few pages to give you an idea of how the book is. Just let me know.


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