many nurses looking for hospital jobs- won't you consider


I see many postings about nurses looking for jobs in Florida and saying that there just are not any jobs at hospitals. Wouldn't you consider working Home Health? With the elderly population I would think there would be a demand for visits???

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I think home health isn't an option for many people.

To me its just way too unsafe and I would feel very unprepared to take care of someone at home. How do I know if its a real emergency or not? What if this happens or this? I personally feel that you have to have some kind of experience before you are out there on your own. That is just me.


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Many people go to home health to escape the stress of hospital work and burnout. I have been in home health for years and find it to be suitable for me. I got my first home health job while still in school.


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ilmbg, keep in mind, many of us are not experienced enough yet to be capable of working in home health. Nurses who work in home health must have very strong clinical skills and assessment skills and be confident in their own abilities. In my opinion, it would take many years of nursing experience to get to that level. I would never ever recommend a new grad consider working in home health. Nor do I think an RN with less than 5 years of nursing work experience should work as a home health nurse. You're out there by yourself, completely on your own, with nobody to help you.


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No, I certainly would not recommend HH for a new grad. I didn't know the person asking was new. Also, I would think the company would not hire someone who is not competent - or at least I hope not. As far as not being safe, you can work where you want- a couple friends work in the area where they live- they are familiar with the area. I too, would not go to an area that is 'rough'.

Someone had been complaining that there weren't any jobs- just a suggestion.

There is alot of paperwork- and I don't believe it is for someone who is not sure of her/his skills.


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Call Christy at 866-218-3285 x9. she sets nurses working in hospitals, all over the country. you can get her too at



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I think there are plenty of hospital jobs, just not so many NEW GRAD JOBS. I'm not sure if the OP was specific enough for me to understand what her intent was on that. I have done both and for me, back to the hospital I go, but I do agree with the other posts about having good independent skills. It's a must have...but every so often there is that special new grad that has all of that already. No one nurse is the same.

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