how many feel like me


Get up, kick the dog, shot of cafe, off to work for 8 hours where u feel like slamming your (insert personal preference) with a door would be more fun than sitting in another 29 hour meeting so my boss can tell us how being more like them would make us better employees but necessity prevents us from acting out on our daydreaming action of rearranging the alignment of my knuckles on his face leaving work in the death trap of a car to arrive at nursing school 29 seconds late being pointed out by the teacher to sit thru 4 hours of completely useless storytelling with a book that resembles war and peace having to memorize the birth process ( no man should ever have to see this) to leave at half past uh freaking midnight to get home kick and feed the dog oh yea eat whAtever non-rotting substance in the fridge staple my eyelids my forehead and memorize how photo-therapy is used to lower bilirubin serum levels in newborns wakeup with my face chemically fused to my book to do it all over again!!!! Ok I feel better. Now where is that dog???!!!

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If you are willing to substitute "feed, bathe, not kill, and care for three small hellions and one large hellion-father" for "go to work" I am absolutely right there with you.

Only I don't kick the dog, I convince her to go chase imaginary squirrels.

I have started using the phrase "so pi$$ed I could kick puppies" lately though. Tells ya how much nursing school has worn me away. I seriously think school has made me a crappier person in some ways. At least currently.

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Hang in there. One day it will be worth it. Quote from Abraham Lincoln (which I found refreshingly contemporary)

" Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle"


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Winding up my first year and I love what I am learning. With that being said (something positive) I am exhausted. I am on my spring break and they (the teachers who are probably at the beach getting tans) have monopolized every second of my break with research papers, and tests to be prepared to take upon return. I still have a dirty house and non of the chores I hoped to catch up on even touched. I can't bare to look fwd to what the next year has in store for me as each month school gets harder. My family thinks I am MIA and I can barely remember the happy go lucky person I was a year ago. Will I look back on this time with fond memories? No way. I'll just be glad I survived it and try to return to a nice, calm person again....with a clean house and a tan!

Would I do this again? No way!!!!


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LOL over the kick puppies quote. I said the same thing after a particularly miserable section in peds and substituted the word puppy for toddler. As it turns out I have neither a puppy or toddler to kick. My kids are older and if I kicked them they would kick me back. ;)

Summer is coming. We're surviving this!!! Becoming slightly psychotic in the process will keep things from being bored after we pass NCLEX.


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I look forward to going back to class. After spending my whole break and then a week of missed classes shuffling between taking care of kid and hubby at home and visiting other kid daily or twice daily in hospital 45 mins away from home with an injured back and cranky sciatic, class seems like a nice break. :/