Many Faces of Nursing

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    by Joe V
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Many Faces of Nursing

We learned all about various nursing specialties in school, but we were never told there would be days like this. So many faces in one shift!

Have you counted how many faces you have each shift?


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On 3/7/2019 at 5:26 PM, Joe V said:

Have you experienced or seen any of these?

Anyway, I have both experienced and seen all the above faces. Although I don't usually have that happy beginning shift face until after sufficient coffee, but by then I have usually moved onto one of the other faces.

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Joe V

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This toon is a favorite of mine. 

This one cracks me up because I read a lot of the topics posted on and this is exactly what I see. How true are these faces?

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 I believe you meant "Deja Vu Monet", Daisy.

Claude use to paint haystacks over and over again.

That's where the term comes from.

I know because I coined the phrase "Delusions of Grandeur".



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