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Hi! Wondering if anyone can let me know what your institutions'policies are regarding mandatory overtime. Also, any info on short staffing would be appreciated. We are renegotiating our RN contract and could really use any input anyone may have. Thanks all!

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I would try searching this bulletin Board for discussions about mandatory overtime, I know it was discussed before, but not sure how much it will benefit you.

click the search link on almost any page or here, visit: =intro

and search for the the words mandatory overtime.

I am sure that you will get some feedback to your post as well.

Hope this helps, good luck


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We utilize mandatory overtime at our hospital. Personnel forwards to Nursing office a list of all nursing personnel by department seniority. When it is necessary to have overtime (which we look at very closely) we look at staff mix in relation to patient needs and competency, then first ask for volunteers. If someone volunteers, we allow them to count it toward their time at overtime. If no one volunteers, then we notify the individual that is next on the list to work. We started out with our mandatory overtime list as having the one with the most seniority mandated to stay over first, working our way to the least seniority. We also do overtime by "cluster" - which by the way, does not work real well. We will be looking at this practice next week. Good luck.


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What we do for overtime is give everyone one on call per month. Every shift is staffed and then if needed the on call person is called in. If the nurse is called in it is time and a half and (s)he also gets on call pay ( a few bucks an hour).

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We also ask for volunteers first. If there aren't any, we mandate the LEAST senior nurse working who hasn't done any overtime in the past 2 months. If everyone working has had recent overtime, the least senior nurse who has gone the longest without having been mandated has to stay. We are relatively fortunate in having only about 4 mandated shifts per year, so if you do get mandated, it pretty much meets your obligation for the next several years.

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Hi all! Thank you for your input. I should have been clearer...OUR hospital wants the right to force us to work past our 12-hour shift per at 0700 while you are reporting off, the staffing office can call and tell the low senior person to work an extra (up to) 6 hours!!! We, as I am sure you all are, are in the middle of a big nursing shortage, so as we negotiate our new contract, these are the kinds of answers they have to the staffing problem. We are seeking any suggestions as far as staffing solutions, we are having a he$# of a time convincing them that the place doesnt run if we are out in front on strike. Nobody wants it to come to that, but it may, because we are not going to take this anymore. Anything we can take as a suggestion to the bargaining table will be appreciated. Economic/benefit/staffing suggestions are all welcome. Thanks for the support!! MIRN

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Our hospital's limit for a mandated stay-over is, fortunately, 16 hours. However,

we work 12 hour shifts, so after 16 hours, you have 8 off and have to come back in for another 12. I travel an hour to and from and it leaves me very little time for recovery!

Incidentally, for 2 years our pediatric floor had a mandatory OT policy where each RN had to sign up for one (at times two) extra shifts per schedule. (6 weeks) When this was finally challenged by FNA (our bargainning unit) it was stopped. In order to meet a critical staffing shortage (until GN'S could fill some positions) they instituted a generous monetary bonus for extra shifts worked.

Needless to say, our shifts were staffed.

It was pretty funny that Med Surg and ER nurses who do "tasks only" when floated were there taking an assignment for the extra bucks! When the bonus period ended, no more help.

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