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Hi everyone,

I am a senior due to graduate this June with my BSN :) . I am scheduled to take a mandatory NCLEX prep class Thursday morning. All we were told was that it was a 4 hour test and it is done on paper. If they are prepping us for the NCLEX why are we not being tested on a computer? We are under the impression that if we don't pass we don't graduate either. I dont remember reading about this in my pre-reqs. Does anyone know what kind of test this is? I have been studying NCLEX since December. I have maybe 500 hundred questions under my belt so I am not too worried. I spend about 4-5 hours a day doing homework and studying so I have somewhat of a knowledge base. Has anyone taken this paper test to prepare?

Any info greatly appreciated


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I haven't ever taken the paper version.

It was mandatory for us to take the RN Assessment Exam. You had to take it in order to graduate, but you didn't have to pass it. Basically it shows you how well your schooling has prepared you to take the NCLEX. None of our students studied for this test at all, and most passed I believe. It just compares your scores w/the "national average". Probably gets the school some $$$.


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I remember taking a test before our last semester that we had to pass in order to move on. I forgot what it was called.. But we got 2 or 3 chances for free, then a couple of people who kept failing it had to pay like 50 bucks or so to retake it. I just remember it was incredibly long.. and such a headache to finish. Not sure if this is the same test but yeah I never heard of a mandatory NCLEX prep test. It was on paper.


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I, too, went to SJSU.

The test was called ATI, I think.

It was a pain...and I think people only had to get like a 55% to pass.


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Hi everyone,

Well I took the exam this morning. I found out what test it was after the fact. It was an exam put out by the NLN. It was a diagnostic readiness test (DRT). It had 172 questions with 26 subscores in client needs, the nursing process, clincial nurisng, and health alterations. I guess we are going to get a report indicating our strngths and weaknesses and the probability of passing the NCLEX. Just shoot me now. I don't know how I did. I have been doing practice questions since December so hopefully it helped. I guess I will find out in a week or so. Hopefully, I am right were I should be. Oh, I found it more difficult than the cd versions I have been doing because I was able to go back and change answers and you know what happens when you do that.

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