Manager said We will let you know in 2 weeks


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Hello. I have a phone interview on Wed with unit manager. Interview went for 50 mins. A lot of critical questions and I think I did well ?

at the end of interview, she gave me her email in case if I have any questions. She told me that she will let me know in 2 weeks

In my experience, whenever I heard "we will let you know in 2 weeks", I was not offered the position.

Should I worry about?

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You're going to worry about it , no matter what we say.

Two weeks is a very reasonable time frame for a response. The manager and HR have many applicants to evaluate.

Good luck

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2 weeks is actually a pretty quick turn-around time. That manager might be interviewing 10 people for 2 positions (or something like that) and needs to get them all interviewed before she can make the final decision.

Also, it is summertime and people are taking vacations, etc. She may need to get some approvals or talk to other people before she can officially offer you a job. For example, she might have to get a salary quote from Human Resources ... or have some other paperwork required completed before the job offer can be official.

2 weeks is good.

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I agree that 2 weeks is reasonable. My experience is that hospitals take a month to hire. They probably have other interviews lined up that they have to complete.