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Hi guys! Well hubby is thinking about putting a bid in for a job in Aurora, CO. I was wondering if anyone knows or could recommend a good hospital there? I'm an RN, BSN (currently in school for an MSN) and want to get an educator or unit manager position or case manager (that is what I do now). I've looked on the internet and it really looks like houses are expensive - compared to the Midwest. Do wages keep up? It also looks like there are oodles of positions. I'm not happy with this idea at all because our kids are here in Illinois and I don't want to move. However, I will make the effort to at least find out information. Thanks for any info anyone can supply!

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I have worked there; it is a suburb of Denver. There are a lot of oppourtunities in the area (as you can tell from the paper). The Denver Post has a very good job oppourtunities section that is user friendly. There is the Post and The Rocky Mountain News.

I worked tele/m/s etc there as an Agency Nurse. Good money for sure but houseing is very expensive. Sorry to not have housing figures cause I stayed with a dear friend who had a gorgeous house in Lakewood; I think it was in the area of $250,000. The newspapers have great online options.

My friend swears by the school system in Lakewood. Are your children school age? I would not recomend the school system in Aurora; it is most likely overcrowded. I would imagine a commute to the community is not difficult from many areas. Certainly, I commuted within a 40 minite drive from Lakewood.

The one facility in Aurora I remember is an HCA facility. I am NOT a big fan of the National Chain but their wages are good. I jokingly call their Agency, "All About Understaffing".

I prefered ST. Anthony's, in particular, the facility in Thornton, Co. The management was pleasant and reasonable. I do have a soft spot still for facilities that are smaller and more personable.

I hope that helps for starters. Let us know if you have any other questions.


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Thanks so much for the info! No - my kids are adults which is why I don't want to move - they are here in Illinois and I would miss them! (I know that sounds ridiculous, but I have a very small family - only my sister and her family and mine - so they are very precious!) Hubby would be teaching at Aurora HS.

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I grew up in Urbana, Ill, and moved to Colorado 25 wonderful years ago. Don't worry about missing your kids--they will visit--often.

Housing is not that bad. Yes, you can find some really expensive homes, but there are many reasonably priced ones on the market.

The previous poster must have been gone from the Denver area for a while. Aurora is now Healthone. There are several NEW hospitals in the area, both North and South of Denver. They are crying for help.

I would go on the web on Sunday, and bring up the Denver Post/Rocky Mountain News help wanted ads. (The newspapers print jointly on the weekend)

Come on out!! It's great!

Good luck.

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Judy Ann - thanks so much for the enthusiastic response. For right now we are staying put here near Peoria! So funny - because my name is Judi Ann also - thanks again...


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I moved here 2 years ago from Sterling/Rockfalls area. The housing is very costly. I pay 900.00 for a 1 bedroom/1den apt. in Thornton. And thats With the discount. HCA is formaly Columbia...does that ring a bell??? That would include all Health One facilities. The pay isn't bad but cost of living over-all is HIGH. O am going to rent a very nice 2 bdr townhome for 1100 month. That is about the going rate of small homes as well. Hope this helps.


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