Malpractice insurance?


I am a new RN about to join a hospital setting. My question is in regards to . I know enough about it to know generally what it is for and that I should have it. What I don't know is how to get it, or if there is a difference in types of insurance, or generally how to be smart when getting it. Any advice from some nurses that have been in this situation? Or any recommendations for insurance companies to get it from? Thanks in advance!


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I am of the opinion that buying your own coverage may be a good thing, as long as you are making an educated decision as to what it actually does and does not cover. Most nurses buy it under the mistaken belief that if they are involved in a malpractice claim or a BON investigation, that CNA or Liberty Mutual insurance will retain a lawyer for them and represent their interests, and this only happens in very narrow circumstances in which your own coverage will be triggered. But there are other coverages in the policy which can also be valuable to the purchaser.

In terms of whom to buy it from, you have two practical choices: the CNA policy sold by NSO (and others) and the Liberty Mutual policy sold by ProLiability. I generally recommend the CNA policy as sold by NSO.

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Always carry your won malpractice as it will provide you legal coverage for license protection. I used NSO for 35 years and counting.