Malpractice Insurance


So I was wondering where I can obtain more information on . Do you have it? One of my first clinical instructors advised us to always have malpractice insurance, just incase. I would appreciate to hear your experiences and advice on where I can get it. Also, how much do you pay yearly for it?


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I have an nso policy & I had to use the license defense portion once. When things go sideways in healthcare, the first person tossed under the bus is the nurse - you get fired & reported to the board & in my area, the "standard" retainer for license defense lawyer for a minor case is a couple grand. After you've been fired & have no income. NSO's policy saved my bacon & made an awful situation bearable. The attorney I found had worked with NSO before, so I didn't have to front any money & NSO paid the claim as soon as it was submitted. I will never ever work without coverage, no matter what the risk manager says.