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Just a little poll to satisfy my curiosity.

Do you carry ?

If so, Why?

What is your specialty, how long in this specialty and if you do not carry why not.

Just a question for all to ponder.

I don't carry and never felt I needed to

just so you all know.


Yes, I carry .

Why? To cover my assets.

I work ER and ICU.

I'm not a nurse yet, but when I am. I WILL carry insurance. Why? For my protection. I don't drive without insurance and I wouldn't practice nursing without it. Hopefully I never have to "Use" it, but I believe every nurse should have it. People are always looking for a reason to sue someone.



Yes, I carry . I carry it for the same reason I carry it for my home, car, etc."just in case." I have had coworkers tell me they do not carry malpractice, "because the hospital policy will cover me." I think they must be crazy. Do you really think your employer will defend you if a case goes to court? I'm not taking that chance. I work med/tele.

I am due to graduate this May. I do plan on getting my own when I start working as a Registered Nurse. I have heard of circumstances in which hospials lose a lawsuit...and then countersue the nurse involved in the case. This circumstances may or may not exist, but I am not willing to take a chance.

My question is this: Many companies offer malpractice insurance. What are the names of some reputable companies that deal with malpractice insurance? I live in a subarb of Chicago, IL. Any help would be appreciated.

Yes, I carry . I figure it can't hurt, might help. I do not believe the hospital represents my best interest.

However, I tell know one, I carry the insurance. Again, I figure it can't hurt, might help.

Work in CCU/ICU

Specializes in LDRP; Education.

Yes I carry . I work in Labor and Delivery, and I carry it to protect my assets.

;) Yes, I carry my own . It's the prudent thing to do in this day and age. I work ICU and Med/surg.
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