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I'm a new psych NP trying to obtain .

After a DUI in 1999 I self reported to the state Board of Nursing and completed the recovery program in 2002.

My license has been clear since.

I had no trouble with getting into NP school, getting my license, certification, and even a job....

But I'm having to provide extra documentation to NSO and still have got no response...

Just wondering if anyone had any experience or suggestions...

This is my first post too... I'm enjoying the forum!


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I wonder if the issue for the insurers is that you are new to the NP role, as I have heard that some insurers want 2 yrs. experience, particularly for prescribers. Maybe this is not about your DUI as often that will come off your record if there is not a further infraction. Did you look into that?


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Thanks for the reply :)

They haven't mentioned anything about me being new to the role....

So far it's just been more waiting as my application goes from desk to desk.

They are probably spending extra time double checking everything.

Hopefully I will get some resolution this next week.

I have psychiatrists already wanting me to see patients.



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Good luck with the insurance situation.