The look!!!

  1. When I tell people that I am going into nursing I get the LOOK! Then they ask "does your partner support you" and I look them in the eye and say, yes my wife loves the idea. They are shocked that a straight guy would go into nursing.

    Very small minds in this worlds!!!!!

    Any one else get the LOOK???
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  3. by   Taxminia0311
    Ctrntobe, Don't mind them do what you got to do in order word do you and the heck the with them Im so proud that you have decided to go into the health care career. Look at me I just finshed my Phlebotomy and now I'm doing my clinical at VA in Newington and next I will either be doing Surgical Tech or LPN haven't decided which one to choose yet but, anyway back to you I wish you only the best and don't worry what other think about you becoming a R.N also what college will you be attending to for you R.N. ???
  4. by   NurseDaddy2006
    I dont get the look for being a straight guy going into nursing.

    For being 40, yeah.
    For being a guy who used to be a mechanic once, or my last job in computers, yeah, maybe.

    MOST of the time, I get "good for you!" or "that's great... I've got a friend/brother/uncle/cousin who's a nurse". Or some people have told me they've encouraged a man in their lives to become a nurse at some point.

  5. by   danfif
    When somebody gives you that "LOOK" just ask them this question. If you had a sudden heart attack right now, would you still be questioning my choice to be a nurse or would it be better if I were a mechanic?

    Shallow people have shallow minds, so that is why you get the "LOOK" from them. There world is so small that they just don't see the big picture.

    Peace Out
  6. by   Roy Fokker
    This is probably one reason why I love pediatrics.

    "My kids" don't judge me They are just as heppy to bawl, cry, moan, give me hugs and kisses just as the next nurse who might be female

    And as for 'others' - my parents understand and support me. The other people who "matter to me" in my extended family support me. The few friends I trust - sure they joke and kid around - but support me.

    I could care less what anyone else thinks
  7. by   Taxminia0311
    You know I just turn 38 years old on March the 11th as for becoming a nurse that is my decision not nobodys elses and as for the look they can look all look how ever they want all I care is that my family got my back and that they support me in what ever decision I make in bettering myself as well as their lifes. The h#$l with their look but, I bet if their was only male nurses in this world and they didn't have any other choice but deal with a male nurse to care for them they wouldn't be thinking twice to be giving you the look if their life was on the line would they??? I doubt it, believe me they would be begging you to save their life... cause I know I would if I was in their shoes.:roll :chuckle go for yours and don't worry about the look do for you and do your family and the ones who care for you and the H**L with what others think or feel about you becoming not just a nurse but, a D*m good nurse that what I would trust with my life as well as my families life with, go for itttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt and just enjoy being a nurse hey also I can use a good mechanic perhaps you can give me you opinion on mechanical problem with my car lolololo
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  8. by   -Midget-
    I have not got "the look" yet, and so far, have only recieved a wierd response from one person. But it really didn't surprise me...actually, I laughed. I was riding in the car with my mom, stepdad, niece, and nephew, when we passed some billboard advertizing about a hospital. Of course, it had some smiling docots and nurses on it, which my niece said something about. Then my mom said "your uncle Josiah is going to be a nurse." My niece, being the young girl she is, said it was a girls job! My stepdad, he just told my mom, "honey, don't tell people that," like he was disgusted by my goals or something!
  9. by   -Midget-
    LOL...he definently has his moments, so I try to steer clear of him for the most part. It's better for both of us. My theory is there will always be people who will not support a person's goals in life, and while that does suck, there are plenty people who *do* support my goals, and my dreams, so I just choose to spend my time with them!
  10. by   burn out
    Don't worry about the look, I think the pay check might be a little better than a mechanics. (I know so because I used to be married to one). There is a place for straight men in nursing- when my daughter had her baby and she was in NICU one night her nuse was a 6 ft plus 280 lb bald male nurse (he looked like he just walked out of a wrestling match). But he was able to teach and show my grandbaby's father (who is 16) so much on how to care for the baby - yes men can be gentle too. Good luck and hang in there.
  11. by   Josh L.Ac.
    I've gotten the look for different reasons. When I told one of my friends that I was going to nursing school in August, he was shocked that I wasn't going to medical school. I explained my reasons for getting a BSN first then asked him why it was so shocking.

    He said because doctors just bark orders and nurses tend to be compassionate. He could see me as the former but not the latter.

    So I hit him in the ribs. Hard.
  12. by   -Midget-
    LOL @ Josh! You shoulda poked him with a needle or something. :P
  13. by   timinchrist
    If you look for the "look" you will find it. I am the commander of my own ship. Therefore, it really doesn't matter what someone else thinks. There will always be those who try to place their judgement on others.
  14. by   Boltthrower
    I have gotten the "semi-look" but never the full blown one. I am a former US Marine and I have my BS in law enforcement. So most of the "semi-looks" have come from other guys in my police academy who have been on the receiving end of a brachioplexus tie-in blow from me during defensive tactics. So when I tell them I am going to school to be a nurse they first have to say something about Gaylord Fokker, but then they switch gears and there is not even an issue after that. So that is cool. I agree, it takes a very simple minded person to come up with a simple minded reaction to a change from the societal "norm".