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Hi All! I'm a crazy father of 2 ex-premed who just recently turned down Northwestern to go into a RN program. I already have an Associate in Science, but I'll be getting another ADN and then... Read More

  1. by   jetfuel
    45 year-old male here. Not gay, nor a medical school drop-out. My career as a Computer Geek collapsed, so I took some real time considering what I should do. What have I always done? Taken care of people.

    I started my pre-reqs last spring. So far, so good -- all 'A's, usually top of my classes. Working my butt off in A&P ("Anatomy & Physiology" for those not yet having faced this monster); maintaining an 'A' here as well.

    Why are we here?

    I'm here because I have always been one to take care of people. I want to be there with the patient, taking direct care, not just popping in and back out like doctors have to do.

    I don't care what my salary will be. I had a lot of money during the better times as a geek, and I can tell you, it was a poor balance: I'd much rather be happy with what I'm doing and making a real, tangible difference than have a lot of cash to throw around. All I ended up doing with it was trying to soothe the psychological wounds of a crappy career...

    ...and then I found out that nurses make really good money! Perhaps you can have your cake and eat it too!

    I'm very interested in why other men have chosen this field, so please don't keep it a secret.

  2. by   Liberum Vir
    Quote from jetfuel
    I'm very interested in why other men have chosen this field, so please don't keep it a secret.

    Hello David,
    I too have spent most of my days as a computer geek. I currently work in a customer support setting, and I too have found that I enjoy taking care of people. Many that I work with are surprised when they find out that I'm going into nursing. "Really? You aren't going to get a degree with computers?" is seemingly the inevitable question.

    I grew up always interested in science and found myself particularly fascinated with the human body and its working. When I was in the 9th grade, I had a science teacher that gave me a really old A&P book. I dug into it and would read it all the time. It was then that I realized that, even though I certainly had an aptitude for technology, what I wanted to do with my life involved health care. I spent the years of my high school thinking about what specialty I would like to go into, and at the time was interested in becoming a doctor. The more I looked into how our health care system works, and the things a doctor actually does, I slowly became turned off by what I found. It was around my junior or senior year of high school that my Aunt suggested that I look into nursing. She is a nurse and has helped me understand that this is where my true calling is.

    So, thats about it. I personally have found that, due to my life experiences, nursing is my calling. I too would like to hear about how other people came to be interested in nursing.
  3. by   captncourageous98
    I have worked in nursing since 1992, when I started as a lowly nurse aide. Joined the Navy then back to nursing as a CNA. I worked as a tech in a hospital for 5.5 yrs. I then got my LPN, that was almost 8 yrs. ago. I am now back in school for my RN and plan to go all the way for my BSN. I have almost all my pre-requisites out of the way. Never give up! You will work with really nice nurses and some real! I have genreally gotten along with everyone. I would say that generally we made up less than 5% of the work force when I started and now it's more like 15%. It's a great time for male of female nurses!Good luck to you all!
  4. by   KishStudent
    I am a student at kishwaukee college in north central Illinois getting my ADN and there are only 4 males out of about 100 students from second semester on.
  5. by   takezo
    Hey there, I am a 26 year old male from California. I recently moved to Western Australia to go to Nursing school. I finish my first year this friday and then start pracs. I think at my school we have 4 guys out of about 100+.
  6. by   scharkdude
    Where in Australia are you attending nursing school? I'm interested in the possibility of working in Tasmania. Please tell me your impression of nursing opportunities in the Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand region. Oops, now I see your info. says Perth. I assume that is where you go to school?
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  7. by   hopper2287
    Hey guys! I'm a 20-year-old student who has just decided to try and go into an RN program and get my BSN. I'm a CNA right now, and I think it was the deciding factor on whether I would like being a nurse or not.

    Has anyone looked into (or gone through), the Air Force to have them pay for your school at all? Whether you did ROTC, reserves, or active, I'm considering going through one of those. And when in the military, would they pay for me to go back and get my masters a few years later? I'd really like to become a CRNA one day, and would really like for someone else to pay for it :wink2:.

    Any information for a future male nurse would be awesome!!!

  8. by   just_cause
    check out the military nursing under the forum section:
    specialty/nursing specialties/military nursing
    You have options to have loans repayed... or to have a bonus or to do something like rotc... yes future education is available in the military to include crna.
    I'd recommend looking at doing your bsn and unless you are 100% sure you want to join just understand the process and the options available and you can sign up 12 months out from your nclex to enter the military as a nurse and take advantage of the loan repayment or lump sum or both
  9. by   Stratiotes
    I'm a 22 yr old male pre-nursing student who switched paths to nursing last year from an almost completed associates degree in business (was planning to transfer for B.S. Information Systems). I was majoring in information systems because as a teenager I was always interested in computers--web design, building computers, networking, etc. But I reached a point last year where I realized I didn't want to do that as a career. I wanted to do something that will hopefully be much more rewarding even if I don't make as much money.

    I am planning to get an ADN because I need to get a career going as quickly as possible, but I plan to go for BSN and MSN in time.

    I have 2 prereq's to go and will apply for Fall '09 entry into nursing program.
  10. by   MikeMRN
    And Anotha One!!! I have an ADN degree and trying to pass the NCLEX for the 3rd time this coming January!!! Trying to become a MALE NURSE!!! What's up to all the male nurses out there!
  11. by   malestudentnurse
    I am a 35 year old father of 3. I've worked in factories my whole life. Two years ago I started community college and was accepted into the nursing program. I start my clinicals in January
  12. by   NewMexicoJohn
    Congratulations brother. It will be the toughtest thing you've ever done but hang in there. May I give you some advice? Don't let yourself get behind. Do your assingments, care plans, paperwork, required readings, etc in advance of the due date. Nursing school is brutal and just because your program is Community College based won't mean it will be any easier. Indeed, sometimes the Community Colleges OVER compensate by raising the bar. Here in New Mexico our little Community College in Santa Fe has better NCLEX success scores than the big state University's BSN program. Expect to work hard. Be tough on yourself but remember to take time out for your family. Time management is going to be really challenging. I would sit the kids down and ask for their support and tell them that Dad is going to be really busy for the next two years.
    Good for you dude!
  13. by   NewMexicoJohn
    Hey! Have you ever heard of the "COMMISIONED CORPS"? It's a totally cool military healthcare arm of the military. You can work for the federal government in any one of their hospitals. They pay a 20K student loan repayment once you get your RN and then a 20K sign on bonus. You have to wear a unifrom to work and you can work anywhere in the USA, they pay for all relo, etc. If you want to learn more I can get information for you or just google the COMMISIONED CORP of the US Federal Government (Healthcare). It's totally cool I am 50 or else I would have considered it.