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Hi All! I'm a crazy father of 2 ex-premed who just recently turned down Northwestern to go into a RN program. I already have an Associate in Science, but I'll be getting another ADN and then... Read More

  1. by   Joe NightingMale
    Hi! I'm a direct-entry MSN student at DePaul University.

    You might remember me from some of the other threads, complaining about student loans.
  2. by   erggdavis
    Hello guys... BSN student at Queens University of Charlotte here. About to start Intro to Adult Nursing in the Fall... Thank God I'm done with Maternity. Charlotte NC Any good ED nurses?
  3. by   S-Rank
    i love the girl to guy ratio. jst gets better for me.
  4. by   TRAINEE88
    I am proud to be one of like 5 guys in my pre-nursing courses. I just hope i can keep up with the girls.
  5. by   maddoxbl
    How's it going....I'm new to "allnurses" but I've heard this is a great site and a great way to give and get information.
  6. by   RNJR
    Hi All,

    Currently doing pre reqs at a community college here in Mass. Hoping to get into a 2 yr program after. Dropped out of high school and got my GED. So I have to do all the Science again. I am taking Psy. and Bio. this September. Since you are all males in the Nursing and Health Care fields who better to get advice from. Anything I should know? Would it be a wiser move to go LPN to RN. ( I am neither right now.) What can increase my chances of getting into a 2 yr program other than A's. Anything? Nice to meet everyone and Congrats to everyone who has already done this step. lol.

    Good Luck

  7. by   JerseyGuy
    C: If you can get admitted to a RN program, I'd recommend you do that. It's not that much more time in school, and there's a WORLD of difference between an RN (who's seen as a "professional", and an LPN who's seen as a "technical" employee). LPNs are important, I'm not knocking that role.....but I've never met anyone in my 20+ yrs of hospital HR experience who's an LPN and was "glad" they didn't become an RN.

    Now that said, if you have trouble getting admitted to an RN program, and can get into an LPN program, then by all means----do it.

    Hope that helps....if any other specific questions, drop me a note.

  8. by   RNJR
    I intend to do just that. As soon as I am finished with pre reqs which will be two semesters I will begin applying. I currently live in MA but have family in NY and that is an added bonus as I can apply for a few more schools. I have a feeling this is a great place to stay informed as well as stay on the right course. Positive reinforcement is always welcome. Just reading posts from people taking their testing gets me thinking. Will I pass?? I'm not getting any younger so I better get in line. I will stay on here and share my experiences from my pre reqs on. Okay, for specific questions! What gear will I end up having to buy once I am in a program. Are there rules on what I can wear for shoes. i.e. White or is each program different. Will financial aid poor for these expenses. Anyone know of good sites for more information on Nursing careers and the different paths I can take. Even now I don't know the names of the specific places I can practice. Although I am curious to know if anyone has done like managed care? Comp, Insurance type Nursing. What is that called specifically? Would also like to know if other people have been in a lot of different atmospheres and what they liked the most. I know lots of questions. Any MA students here that have applied to any programs and or been accepted and how difficult was the process.


  9. by   ramonmalino
    I'm a child compared to you guys, 21y.o male here senior at Utica College. Out of 50 students freshmen year we had 6 or 7 guys. Now we have 17 or 18 total nursing students and 2 guys. It's getting a lil lonely over here... but the view aint bad
  10. by   ramonmalino
    C - I live in MA but go to school in NY so i can relate to your situation. UMASS Dartmouth has a good program, I have friends there who love it. Don't worry about the boards yet, by the time your ready to take them you'll know a lot more than you think you will. As for other advice... prepare for a lack of social life, your gonna be studying your ass off
  11. by   RNJR
    Thats a relief. 2 years is a good amount of time. Especially considering the amount of time in a day you put fourth for classes and clinicals. Does anyone know if there are other ways to improve my chances of acceptance to a program? Like cpr cert, or a current position in the medical field or anything. What do you think of taking a spanish for med. fields?
  12. by   jmckeith
    Hi guys,

    51-year young male here. I used to work for the "Big Brown UPS" but the job satisfaction thing just wasn't happening. My wife, brother, sister, and daughter are all nurses and I have never known them to be dissatisfied with their jobs. Frustrated at times but never dissatisfied.

    I finished all my prerequisites and start clinicals in nineteen days. There are approx: 4 guys in a class of one hundred; should prove to be very interesting, especially since I'll be the senior citizen.....LOL

    Best of blessings to all and stayed tuned,

    Cheers, Joey
  13. by   keep
    Yes where the few the proud the male nurse i just passed my NCLEX-PN and am now a LPN in KY. i am in an RN program now and hope to do the same with the NCLEX-RN next summer. There is 4 men in my RN course out of a total of 32 so not to bad.